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Razer Boomslang 2000 Facts and Figures

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Krna LLC



Razerzone / KarnaTechnology



Boomslang 1000 & 2000



1000 = $69.99 | 2000 = $99.99

Krna was founded in 1998 and their aim by releasing this mouse is to use it's technology, specialization in places which require a very high degree of precision, to improve the gamers experience. Since November 1999, the Boomslang series of mice have been on sale from Razer's website - - with there being no supplier outside of the USA, British and European gamers have been left waiting desperatly for this mouse. However XSReality have no secured a deal to sell the Boomslang and are now the official European reseller, finally Europeans gamers are able to get their hands on this mouse.

From the minute you get the box, you know you're onto something different. Something that deserves your attention. The outer box is silver in colour, with the Razer logo on it, this theme of silver and the Razer snake logo is continued throughout the packaging. Once you open that box you come to the tin can, this just shows how much detail Razer have gone to, with the mouse as well as the packaging around it. The tin can's lid has the words R A Z E R embossed on it, while along the side of the can is a nice, colourful sticker which has various details and features about the mouse you just spent $100 on.

So you rip off the lid. What do you see? The Boomslang itself is encased within foam, so that there is no damage caused by transit, beside the mouse there is a USB -> PS2 adapter, again neatly excased within the foam. The adapter has the words RAZER embossed on it too, again attention to detail, these people have gone to great trouble to make sure you know you are buying a quality product. Once you lift the foam up, you are able to read the 'Quick start guide', which does pretty much what it says. For more detailed information, you can pick up the 'Master Manual', this manual is in general well laid out and easy to get the bits you want and leave the boring junk behind. Both these manuals are in a novel round shape, with the drivers cd being attached to the end of the Master Manual. There is also a third booklet entitled 'This is not your mother's mouse' which provides helpful hints on how to use the mouse and the general story/history that preceeds it.

When you grip the mouse in the palm of your hand, that's the first time you really you know the Boomslang is something different. It's not like other mice. Razer claim this mouse will give you the perfect grip, and with fingertip control, you will get precision results. While this probation period of change, from the traditional and almost universal method of mouse in palm, takes different amounts of time, Razer predict it should take anything from ten minutes to a day. However, I found that it took me much longer, I have been using this mouse solid for nearly a week now and still haven't fully got used to the mouse, although I did find the shape very comfortable after 1 night of hard grafting.

We were sent the 2000 version, which meant a 2000 DPI resolution, basically in normal terms it's very sensitive. Normal mice run at around 300-400 DPI, the Boomslang 1000 runs at 1000 DPI and the 2000 at 2000 DPI (simple isn't it), so you can imagine the increase in sensitivity. This is one of the major factors I had to get used to, and I'm sure most people will also, a move that once took an effort is now almost effortless. However more on that later, lets move on to the set-up and driver installation.