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Product: Samura ATX Midi Tower
Price: 39.94 (inc VAT)
Available from: OverClock UK
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Despite the whole range of case reviews on the Internet at the moment none have really looked at an average mid-range case. Well today it is time to look at this area of the market starting with Samura\'s ATX Midi Tower. As the name suggests this case is only a Midi tower, it also does have some apple Mac style colour panels that seem to be the trend among cases at the moment. All the 5.25 inch bays are accessible but they sit just inside the cover as the case is some what curved, so you\'ll find if you do not fill all the bays you'll have the cover(s) of the unused bays sticking out by quite a bit in comparison with your drives.

Inside there is only one case fan that is more than enough for the non-overclocker which just helps keep everything slightly cooler. The case comes with either a 250w PSU or a 300w PSU depending on which variety you go after.

Here are the specifications of the case:

  • 7.5" Wide by 19" High and 17.5" Deep,
  • Three 5.25 inch bays,
  • Three 3.5 inch bays,
  • Internal case fan,
  • Pull out motherboard tray
The three 5.25 inch bays may come as no surprise to most people but the fact that we have three 3.5 inch bays too may surprise some people, as the Juno P6 Tower only had two bays. However the third 3.5-inch bay in this case is accessible from the front rather than the standard stack. The Floppy drive bay has a face on it that means you have to fit your drive in properly if you want to remove floppies easily.

One of the things about the case I disliked was the IMac style colour panels that feel quite cheap. Also fitting the panels back on can be a pain unless you manage to align them all up properly first time. On the back there are push outs for all the standard motherboard features. There are even holes for some very strange looking motherboards or add-ons which I have no idea what they are designed for, but maybe someone will want to use them :)

Inside the case there is plenty of room as the power supply sits higher than the motherboard, which means there should be plenty of room for a large CPU cooler. Also the pull out motherboard means you have easy access to everything without having to remove all the PCI/AGP cards.

This case is also quite light and very easy to manage which means it very nice for people that have to move their cases all the time, so it comes in perfect for LAN events and moving from university back home etc.

As far as Midi Towers go I cannot really fault this case apart from the naff looking IMac style colour that is on the case which does get in the way of the floppy drive, however having said that the amount of room inside and the pull out motherboard makes this a great non-overclockers case.