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Roll Over and Die Counter Strike, You Have Just Been Given A Head Shot By Urban Terror
The release of Urban Terror Beta 2 is upon us, and this is definitely a modification that is not to be missed! If you have heard of Counter Strike, (if you havenít where have you been the past year ???) the idea behind Urban Terror will be very familiar. Essentially the idea is realism, in this modification they have tried to make a game that mimics real life as closely as can be done in a game. When you start you are given a choice of 2 main weapons ranging from a grenade launcher to shotgun, and a sidearm, and a knife. You then get to choose 2 pieces of equipment, such as Kevlar helmet/jacket, laser sight, night vision goggles, or if you want you can junk the fancy kit and kit yourself up with more ammo. There is no holding hundreds of weapons and tons of ammunition in this game, you must make sensible and shrewd decisions based on the map you play, and also taking into account the choices other players have made. Once you have selected your equipment and armaments its time to hunt down some enemy to kill.

Check out the GoldenEye style world map, yum...No one door rooms here :)

The physics in this game have also been given a good touch of realism that was missing in Quake 3, however you can still do things like strafe jumping, albeit at a penalty. If you fall form a great height you die in this game, no more jumping from 2 storeys up and grabbing a health to whack you back up to full hit points. Strafe jumping is possible, but every time you jump you tire yourself out, if you jump too much with out leaving a period of time to rest in between (during this time you can run or walk, just not jump) you will be too tired to do anything but walk. The amount of jumps that you can do before you get tired out depends upon your physical status, if you are at deaths door 1 jump and your shattered and need a good rest, however at full health you can jump about for quite a while until you run out of energy.