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Introduction & storyline

Devil Inside Demo by GameSquad and Cryo Interactive

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So what is this all about?

Well that seems like a s a hard one to answer. A lot of people might just say what is this game and where did it come from as it has (to most people) just appeared out of the blue. Devil Inside is, in my opinion, a cross between Alone in the Dark, Nocturne, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, and the film eXistenZ. An explanation would come in handy I suppose:-

Alone in the Dark:

Devil Inside is made by the same guy (Hubert Chardot) who came up with the Alone in the Dark series (by far one of my favorite games of all time) and contains a very similar kind of atmosphere. Some people have said t see that.

Easy to compare to this game as it will give you an idea of how your going to be shooting your baddies.

Resident evil:
re in a house. Its full of evil things. You must kill them all. What more can I say?

Tomb Raider:
s huge chest and her ability to jump and you have the way you control your guy in Devil Inside>


t seen this film I recommend you do. This game seems to have adverts for the film all over its intro and exit. In existenz you plug yourself into a game and live it out, in Devil Inside you are part of a TV show that follows you round as you kill the baddies. Somehow the French creators think this is similar, I think comparing it to the Running Man would have been a bit more accurate.

For an official description try here:

Ok so now you know what it looks like and what its similar to - so what is the game about?

re on a TV show called Devil Inside where a camera man will follow you around a haunted mansion as you (Dave Ackland former LAPD cop) go round shooting all the zombies/demons/evil things that you see. You also have the ability to turn into Deva a leather wearing devil woman who can send the souls of your victims to hell. Somewhere inside the house is Night Howler the baddie that you have been sent in to kill. Also there is a reporter from a rival TV Company that has been sent into to prove that you are a fraud. Those of you who have seen eXistenZ will notice the similarity here.