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The Quake 3 qualifier is less than 3 weeks away, and amongst the 7 clans that have been invited to take part, 4 Kings are front runners to take the top spot. In the first of a series of interviews, I talk to Quake 50, leader of the Quake 3 division of 4 Kings.

Recently having to drop out of the prestigious ClanBase Eurocup due to player shortages 4 Kings are hot favourites to win this upcoming event, with a few of their top players back after exams.

However, the setback that was suffered by 4 Kings which was caused by exams and real life, couldn't have been good for the team. Could this have affected how they play?

[rocker] Out of the 7 clans that are invited, who do you see as the biggest threat to you winning the qualifier?

[4K^Q50] well i think it'll be the usual team, UNR. Theyre always our biggest threat in any competitions we both enter although neo can never be taken lightly, ive heard rumours DC arent attending it.

[rocker] 4 Kings had to default their Eurocup game recently due to not having players, do you feel that the gap you had due to player shortages has created a doubt in the team, having not played competitivly for some time now?

[4K^Q50] well , I think the break was bound to happen. To be honest it was more due to cable going down than us not wanting to play. Blueyonder had problems for nearly 2 weeks, then isdns pings went really unstable right after that was sorted. I think now we're more motivated to play than we have been in the last 4 months.

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*** Topic is 'CX tonight @ 7 || AAA Tonight @ 8pm || NEO tonight @ 9 ||'

Says it all

[rocker] Do you have any inklings to what the team might be?

[4K^Q50] Our team will be any 4 out of Anarchy , Mist , Kilem , Gun and myself.

[rocker] You are, without doubt being seen as the favourites to win, does this put any pressure on you, or have you learnt to live with the pressure of expectation?

[4K^Q50] Well, I think from near the start it was a similar situation. Nobody is ever quite sure who will win out of 4K and UNR. I'd say theres pressure on both of us to play well. I think we'll be at our strongest since Quake 3 has come out though.

[rocker] Is there anyone in particular from Unreal that you fear can spoil the 4 Kings party?

[4K^Q50] I've always thought luke is a class player especially, luke and blokey obviously going to be UNR's major threats.

[rocker] Do you feel that competition has become boring for 4 Kings having won nearly everything you have taken part in?

[4K^Q50] Well theres always the off chance our cable might mess up just before a league game like vs Vikings, that makes things very interesting =)

[rocker] Not very much has been said about HooD recently, do you think that after Mist and relic moving to 4 Kings the bite has gone out of their squad?

[4K^Q50] Well... we took 2 of their players... then they rebuilt and recently in the last couple of weeks UNR did the exact same thing by poaching req and moon. So i assume theyre rebuilding atm again

[rocker] Finally, who do you think the top 4 placings will go to?

[4K^Q50] I'd say it'll be 4K, UNR , nEo most likely. Really have no idea who will come 4th as its quite open atm.
So it seems 4 Kings are quietly confident in taking the top spot, and who is to argue with them. No UK clan has beaten them in the top UK league, the Barrysworld Quake 3 TDM League, and only just lost their crown after suffering huge problems with internet connections. However, not everything has gone for 4 Kings. Last time around their CounterStrike squad were hot favourites to win, however they got beaten by M4.

Without doubt clans will be practising hard, with exams over and players coming back home from Uni it will be interesting to see whether 4 Kings can live up to the reputation that preceeds them.