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  • Windows 95/98/2000/NT
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  • Retail version of Sudden Strike

Welcome back to the second installment of the Sudden Strike line of wargames. If you'll sit tight, i'll link you up with our commander in the field...please wait...

"..Yes, you're coming through clearly. Welcome, commander, to the next step of the Sudden Strike series. This expansion pack i'm about to show you compliments the existing game and adds lots more features that will make your mind boggle. If you thought the original contents were good, check this out!
"First on the list commander is the addition of four new campaigns. Yes sir, you're hearing correctly; four new campaigns. One with the USA in Western Europe during Autumn, a second German campaign in Russia, another Russian campaign in Eastern Europe and finally, a chance to play good ol' Britain in North Africa. With this new influx of missions comes a new range of graphics, including an Autumn set (which looks lovely) and new Winter landscapes. It's not the eye candy we're so excited about though, sir. If you'll stay online for second we'll hook you up with the acquisitions officer....standby..."

"Hello, this is acquisitions. Greetings sir! You're wanting to know where you're funding's gone? Well, I have some new toys to show you which might make you a happy commander indeed, sir! First off we have the new tanks, anti-aircraft and transports available for all sides. Ranging from cruiser tanks down to light tanks, we have them all. In addition, they now move backwards! Yes sir, if they're getting a beating from the front, simply order them to back up and they'll reverse, keeping the heavy frontal armour toward the enemy. Ingenious eh?
Artillery, sir? But of course, we have a new range of big guns just waiting to be put into action! Heavy and light Howitzers, portable field guns, grenade launchers, heavy and light mortars and charge carriers are all checked and awaiting deployment. Watch out though, some of these beauties are highly explosive so keep them back away from the front line. The mortars you can take with you in a truck, and are ideal for anti-personnel tasks. Now if you'll excuse me sir, I have to get back to inventory logging, but allow me to introduce the personnel administrator. He'll show you the new recruits."

"Yes SIR! Happy to be here, SIR! IF you'll follow me, i'll show you the new recruits. Good soldiers they're shaping up to be sir, but more work is needed if they're going to be REAL men! Here we have the new combat medic, who can heal individual men without the need for an ambulance, and will heal anyone injured in the area they are in. Very essential, and certainly more preferable to an ambulance in a battle situation, sir. We're also honoured to have a fellow commander like yourself sir, in our ranks having been transferred from another unit. He's a General and comes equipped with binoculars, which when used reveal a large amount of terrain in the direction he looks. Very handy, but must be protected. I believe that with these new troops and the incredible amount of new vehicles, you won't be at a loss for options! Just remember sir, the enemy have these aswell.."

"Commander? Ah yes, you're there. Well, I hope you're satisfied with where your funding went. The vast array of new equipment supplied by you should hopefully win this war for us, and if not, i'll eat my hat! And even if you have won the war, you can always create your own. We have made available for use a map and mission editor which enables you to create your very own landscapes and missions right from scratch, plus add units and if desired, multiplayer starts aswell. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know missions can also be structured into full campaigns, so you can build your own World War right from your desktop! And as you'd expect, all the old and new units can be used.

And as requested sir, here is the new multiplayer information you wanted. Support for up to 12 players depending on the map, 'King of the Hill' mission types, Allied, German or Russian sides and teamgames are all included. The basic idea, sir, is to capture and hold barrage balloons that provide reinforcements once possessed by your army. You must keep at least one unit nearby otherwise you lose control of it. If you don't have any balloons for 5 minutes then you lose the game. So act quickly, and ensure you capture and hold those balloons before your opponent does! The only annoying thing you might find is that the warning siren sounds every 30 seconds during the 5 minute countdown. It does get on your nerves, but to be honest sir, you shouldn't hear it if you're doing well.
Well sir, that about covers everything you need to know. Everything else is classified A1 level security, and i'm afraid you don't have the correct clearance for that. Goodbye sir, and good luck. Out."