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Pre-event buzz
So here we go, the first full CPL event in the United Kingdom. After the last two qualifiers, we should have a great event in store. The event starts in about 55 hours time, and we kick off our coverage with an interview from Mortal Retribution's Dust. Mortal Retribution (some like to call them Mistermen) earned an auto berth after defeating nEo a couple of weeks ago in the Quake 3 qualifier. How does dust rate their chances in the main event?
[rocker] Did you expect to earn yourself an auto berth for the CPL London event?
[dust] Initially, we didnt expect it as we thought DC would be sending a full team who would prove difficult to beat. However, on the day when we saw that the main DC team hadn't shown, we knew that our main competitors for the 3rd auto-berth would be nEo and we knew we had a chance to beat them.
[rocker] Your win over nEo to give you the 3rd place, were you surprised by that, since a lot of people thought the 3rd place would be faught over by DC and nEo?
[dust] Personally, I thought we had a fairly good chance of beating neo, as it wasnt the team who normally beat us online, and they also played genetix who is more of a ctf player. I still thought we'd have to play extremely well to beat them though. cpm4 went as i expected, very close all the way, luckily we nicked it at the end. dm7 was a complete surprise though. We'd seen them rush RA continuously against 4k and unr, but we weren't sure if they'd do it against us, so we decided to play defensively. The game was close up until halfway, when all of a sudden we started to pull away, they started to rush RA more, but we managed to keep it, and won by over 50 in the end the dm7 result was a surprise, but overall we knew we could do it.
[rocker] So moving onto the CPL event itself, do you feel that the auto berth has given MR a boost?
[dust] Yes definately, the auto-berth made us feel more confident about ourselves, although i think its made us more critical of our performances online now, because we are starting to expect more from ourselves. we will be more confident going into the cpl matches than we would be if we hadnt finished 3rd at the qualifiers.
[rocker] You mention the fact that you expect more from yourselves. Does this mean you now have an "added" pressure to perform?
[dust] I don't think so really, we know that there won't be a single easy game at the CPL and that we will probably be the underdogs in most matches. I think there will be much more pressure on 4K and UNR.
[rocker] Has this autoberth changed the way you go into games? Is there a different attitude amongst the members?
[dust] We have become more critical of our play now i would say, but I dont think our attitudes have really changed, we still know where we stand in relation to other clans and still know we can improve more.
[rocker] As you head into the event, have you been practising any harder than usual?
[dust] We havent actually been practising that much. We're still not sure what our team is going to be for the event, as 2 of the 5 who played at TPF (me and warfy) can't make it to the event. I'm sure we will practice alot next week though.
[rocker] How does the fact that yourself and warfy can't attend the event affect the team? Do you feel MR will be weakened?
[dust] I think most teams are weakened when some of their core members can't make it, and this is no exception. I know we can still send a competitive team tho, who *should* start practicing with each other next week, we just have to decide who the 4 or 5 we are sending will be.
[rocker] So there is no firm decision yet on what the team will be?
[dust] Well, Pies, Perch and TomTom are the other 3 who played at TPF, so they will make up the majority of the team. After that, its a question of who can make it down to london to play on the weekend of the cpl
[rocker] Do you have any particular clan you wish to beat at the event?
[dust] unmatched, but I doubt anyone will beat them ;P
[rocker] How far do you believe MR will progress in the tournament?
[dust] I don't really know to be honest, it will depend largely on what teams we get drawn against, although i doubt there will be many weak teams there. Tom assures me will reach the final at least though :)
[rocker] Who do you think will be the best performing UK clan?
[dust] I know UNR beat 4k quite comfortably at the qualifiers, but I still consider them pretty even. I'd still say UNR might perform slightly better though