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The Mystery of the Druids is the latest adventure game offering from CDV software, and has been available in Germany for quite some time. The code I have been exploring lately has been the partially-localised version for the UK/US, and shows great promise.

You take the role of Brent Halligan, a detective at Scotland Yard, who has been given the task of investigating a series of shocking murders that have happened recently. As you progress, you learn that the dark Druids are somehow linked with the killings, and that they seek to complete an ancient ritual, the results of which will unleash a great power. This all takes place in modern day surroundings, with real-life locations such as Scotland Yard, Stonehenge, France and anywhere else you may need to visit in order to solve the case.

Point and click may not be the most successful of game genre's, because many people tend to think they are boring, slow and too repetitive. The Mystery of the Druids seems to avoid most of the boring and unnecessary stuff and gets you involved in true detective work. The graphics, while somewhat ropey at points, seem perfectly adequate for the job and the backgrounds for the places you visit are very nice indeed. Controlling Halligan is a simple affair and using your mouse you can get information (interspersed with humour) on almost anything.

As adventure games go, this has a good story and a plot that develops with the occasional surprise to keep you going. Bladerunner is the nearest comparison to Druids, and shares some similarities with it. Detective work is a very thorough and detailed business, and you had better have your thinkin cap on as some parts do require thought - you can't just rush through the game for example, since no real world detective is that good, even at Scotland yard!

Features at a glance:

  • Classic point and click interface
  • 3D polygonal characters with up to 1,000 polygons
  • Hi-resolution pre-rendered background taken from real UK locations
  • Dolby Surround Sound
  • More than 20 characters to interact and talk with
  • Over 50 different locations
  • More than 360 interactive scenes
  • Over 5 hours of voice overs
  • Non-linear dialogues and gameplay
  • Realistic lip-sync dialogues
  • An extensive soundtrack, mixed in real time

The Mystery of the Druids is due for UK release September 14th and will carry an ELSPA rating of 15+.