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Savage Euro's ODEE
A week ago, SavageEuro finished with Germany beating England (I'm sure that reminds me of something) to take the crown. SavageEuro was the first CTF based tournament in a while, and Savage had big plans for it. The finals were to be played on LAN, and were going to coincide with the SavLAN.

However a few weeks before the event the LAN finals had to be called off, with a lack of sponsorship. We speak to ODEE, head admin of SavageEuro about the past tournament and his hopes for the future.
[rocker] SavageEuro was the first large scale CTF tournament in a while, do you think the CTF community has benefitted from the publicity it has generated?

[ODEE] Beyond my first hopes it has benefitted the whole Q3 community. We had top dmers ra3ers playing ctf for the first time and with top dm stars like Blokey Aim Panicore Zyz etc playing ctf regularly after the tournament started. Countries like Greece who never played ctf much but now they have set up a ctf academy, so I'm pleased.
[rocker] Did you find that games went according to plan, or was there problems at the start that were sorted out as you went through the tournament?

[ODEE] The very first game went a bit pair shaped hehe. The Swiss had arranged to go to a lan but unfortunately the guy who had the key to the place mother, died a couple of hours before they got there, so they had to all go home and play that delayed it about three hours. Most games had one delay or another but it most cases the captains players and admins got them sorted out. As the tournament progressed we kinda got used to expecting delays, even mid game between maps. One or two games were complete nightmares resulting in me shouting. obsenaties at my pc screen but I've fully recovered now :)
[rocker] There was going to be a lan final for the last SavageEuro, but it got cancelled, was that a big blow to the organisers of the tournament?

[ODEE] It was a huge blow as it was all set up with 2 weeks to go, not just for the organisers but the players that bit annoys me. But I know Slave worked tirelessly to get the money in.
[rocker] What were your favourite moments in the last SavageEuro?

[ODEE] Greece capping against Germany was funny although assisted by the nice Germans :) Iceland I enjoyed all their games they were unlucky not to get through. Scotland's last second cap on w1 vs Ireland was entertaining. Hungary vs Slovenia was entertaining and Belgium vs Switzerland was an exciting match, after that a lot of irc banter flaming and fun moments hehe, and of course finally getting a winner of the tournament after so long. Greece beating Slovenia on ctf3 that was probably the best moment of all.
[rocker] Do you think there will a second SavageEuro?

[ODEE] Almost certainly will be. I've had countries captains already asking where to sign up. Savageeuro2 will be bigger country wise I'm sure, and hopefully we Savage will be able to attract some mega sponsers for a lan final :) Theres always hope my PE teacher once said!
[rocker] Will we see any major changes to the rules in the next SavageEuro?

[ODEE] To be honest I have not thought about it yet 10 months 10 days has done my head in hehe. What I will do though is what ive done all along once Ive got my captains in place I'll email and ask what they want.
[rocker] Would you consider using any of the threewave unification maps should they be available in time for the next SavageEuro?

[ODEE] Sure I will consider any maps, but the Captains will vote for the maps used.
[rocker] Was there as much player/captain co-operation with the admins, or would you like to see more?

[ODEE] You can nevr find enough admins but luckily most of the time I had all games covered. The admins we had were very good and gave up a lot of time to help, Thanks Cloud Vlad and D3sp there. Most teams were good with the admins we had only on a few occassions did I have to use my 2 match ban or apologise card.
[rocker] When can we expect things for SavageEuro 2 to kick off?

[ODEE] At this time I'm enjoying my break but by October I should start the Captain search again.