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Duel Arena admin speaks about past and future
We speak to Shill, the guy behind last weekend's Duel Arena tournament. The controversy surrounding player aliasing and some of the top names not showing still didn't manage to take the gloss off the first online duel tournament in many moons. We speak to Shill and ask him about the present and the future.
[rocker] Duel Arena was the first online duel tournament based in the UK for some time, do you think there is enough popularity for you to warrent running another Duel Arena?
[Shill] Definately, the fact that I had a huge pending list for Duel Arena 1 has prompted me to extend Duel Arena 2 to 128 competitors.
[rocker] Some people say dueling over the internet doesn't prove anything, would you say they were correct?
[Shill] To an extent this is true, but I have always ran online leagues / tournaments in the past, where there have been very competitive games, but I also would like people to enjoy themselves and have fun. It gives the people that don't usually go to LAN's a taste of what competitive gaming is all about.
[rocker] Moving onto the past Duel Arena, there was a number defaults at the start with some of the big names dropping out, was this a big blow to the tournament?
[Shill] Yes and No, I was worried when HELL, IF22 and Adam dropped out that the tournament would be underated, but as the tournament went on there was still some very competitive games, and I feel it ran very smoothly. So of course I would have liked those people to play but as it was it didn't spoil Duel Arena in any way.
[rocker] The controversial final and winner caused a lot of talk amongst the community, how do you feel about a player in effect cheating in one of your tournaments?
[Shill] I would like to clarify that it wasn't just 1 player, Vertex was the unlucky one that got found out when we did the IP trace. 4k as a whole were very silly, they know that, I know that. It wasn't malicious it was just stupidity on their part. I have no problems with 4k as a clan. It did spoil the outcome of the event, but in the end I think the right person won namely Kazuyama.
[rocker] Will you be taking steps to prevent something like this happening again in the next Duel Arena?
[Shill] As best I can yes, I will be changing the rules so you must give your playing nick. I will also be doing more IP traces during the event a lot sooner this time if anyone raises suspicion. I am hoping that because of this unfortunate situation that next time people will be a bit more respectful to both Me & The admins as well as the other competitors.
[rocker] Did everything run as to plan in terms of keeping to the schedule and organisation wise, or would you change things to make it flow smoother next time around?
[Shill] Mostly everything ran very smoothly indeed, my admins were top notch and the schedule was on time. The only thing that went wrong was how the double elimination worked with some players playing the same person twice. I will be taking steps to prevent this happening again in future Duel Arena's.
[rocker] Moving onto the future, you mentioned the possibility of a 128 player tournament, would the format remain the same or do we expect to see changes (best of 3 rounds etc)?
[Shill] The format would pretty much stay the same with the exception of using the double elimination in the first 3 or 4 rounds. I feel the double elimination rule works far better for this kind of tournament when you get down to the last 16 eliminating defaults etc. I will still be using 3 maps, but this time myself and the admins will choose them, as I feel the vote last time threw up some bad map choices. I have 5 or 6 maps in mind for Duel Arena 2. Oh and Duel Arena will be 128 competitors.
[rocker] Are you considering banning any 4K members from taking part due to their actions in Duel Arena 1?
[Shill] No, I will not be banning any 4k players, I think they have had enough bad publicity already from their actions, so banning them would not solve anything.
[rocker] Will there be any prizes in the second duel arena?
[Shill] At the moment no, but if some kind soul comes along and wants to offer prizes i'm open to offers, :)
[rocker] Do you have plans to expand and run other leagues or will you stick to the Duel Arena series?
[Shill] You must be joking, Nope Duel Arena series keeps me busy and I will be continuing to evolve it over the coming months and eventually use Doom 3 as the game of choice for it. Or Quake 4, but not for a good while yet
[rocker] When can we expect to see Duel Arena 2 kick off?
[Shill] I am just in the middle of doing some refinements to the web site, but signups for Duel Arena 2 will be kicking off around the 1st week of September with the event provisionally to be held the last weekend in October (27/28th).