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Product : Thermaltake 80mm DC FAN
Price : 8.17 (including VAT)
Available from : Overclock UK

Thermaltake have been known for their stylish ORB range of heatsinks, and now they have put their name beside a case fan. Their range consists of a 60mm and 80mm versions. We look at the 80mm case fan in this review.

Thermaltake, as always provide a very neat and tidy package. The 80mm fan comes in a neatly packaged box, with screws and bolts and a 4pin power converter. Unlike many case fans that I have bought throughout the years which have made me search frantically for a screw that fit, the screws and bolts that are supplied with the fan make it an effortless installation.

On the of the packaging, ThermalTake puts the specification of the fan. This gives us a useful insight into the fan's specification :-

Dimensions : 80x80x25mm
Rated Voltage : 12V
Fan Speed : 2900RPM +/- 10%
Max. Air Flow : 37 CFM
Noise : 30 dB

Further information is provided, however all the bits we are interested in have been stated. 37CFM is a respectable volume of air being shifted. The stated noise level is also respectable, although it's very hard to tell at this stage what 30dB sounds from inside a case. 2900RPM is also respectable for a 80mm fan.


Not a huge amount to say here, except for the screws and bolts that came supplied were a God-send. The supplied 4 pin converter came in useful as it's not recommended to connect case fans to motherboard fan headers. The test rig was back to operational status within 5 minutes of shutdown. No worries.


We put fan up against the YSTech FD1281255S-1A 80mm 3pin (which was connected via a 4pin converter). This fan is rated at 35CFM, and it was present in our rig before the Thermaltake showed up. It should be a close call.


The Thermaltake 80mm case fan is indeed a very good product. It beat our YSTech fan quite convincingly and although there are always slight differences with results from case to case and setup to setup, we kept our setup as near identical as was possible. The noise produced by the Thermaltake was very acceptable. We wouldn't say it was silent, however it was quieter than our previous YSTech and now will remain in our test rig as our 80mm fan of choice.

Thermaltake provide this fan as a package rather than the fan on it's own. The screws, 4 pin power converter and retail packaging are refreshing to see on a product which only costs around 8 pounds. A good product which comes recommended from us.