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TF Background and Why Q3Fortress?
All comments in bold are made by Pumpkin and all comments in normal text are made by Locki.

Give a brief background on TF in the UK.
Hehe I could write an essay on TF in the UK and I still couldn't capture the spirit of the community or the game. I'll do my best though :).

Essentialy the community is split into two groups - those that play Team Fortress on the Quakeworld engine, and those that play Team Fortress Classic on the Half Life engine. The Quakeworlders (having been going since '96) are the older of the two communites - I'm one of these.

Since '98 we've had around 10 differenct leagues and cups running which have proved excellent stimulation for a mod that could easily have died off a year ago. We've been very lucky with the generosity of ISPs like Barrysworld, Demon, Wireplay and Nildram who have always ran great TF servers, and most importantly the UK Fortress Newsdesk which has been our community's hub for around 2 years now. The nature of TF is that it's teamplay driven and I think it attracts a different kind of online gamer. Where on a DM server a request for help is likely to provoke an insult - on a TF server you would get people handing out their ICQ numbers and inviting you to a chat. That's not to say that the aggression that exists between players and clans isn't just as extensive as DM/CTF - but as games go, it's one of the best one's for warm welcomes to newer players.
What background do you personally have in the TF community?
I started playing TF in 1997 and soon joined Clan EarthQuakers (now the oldest Quake clan in the world) which I then became Clan Leader of in April 1998. We went on to win the first ever UK Team Fortress League, and have since continued to be one of the top UK clans. I wrote several articles for the UK Fortress Newsdesk (notably The Engineers Field Guide and The UKTF Anti-Cheating Guide) and then worked as a newsie for them. I later went on to become the BarrysWorld Team Fortress Columnist. I've also helped admin the UKTFL, WPTFL, a few Quakenet channels, ran the UKTF Allstars and the UKTF Southern Rebelion Alliance. That's pretty much what I can remember - but I'm sure I've missed a few things :).
Why did you decide to develop Q3Fortress?
It was Falcon who founded this project, but I think everyone in the Quakeworld TF community had been hoping a platform would arrive soon that TF could be ported to. With the release of the source code for Quakeworld, and the Quakeworld TF community in decline, we would have ended up little more than a weekend club if TF wasn't brought up to date. Then Quake 3 was released :).
What is so wrong with TFC that made you think Q3Fortress was needed?
It's not so much TFC being wrong as it is Quake 3 being right. People have tried to create TF inspired mods in the past on other engines and TFC (being the most popular online mod) is a testament to the fact that the engine isn't the most important thing to people who have no other point of reference. However, if you've ever played Quakeworld TF regularly, you're probably one of the few thousand who think the engine (it's netcode and speed of gameplay) *is* the most important thing.

Any die-hard Quakeworld fan will probably feel (much like we do) that until now, no engine has ever really featured that same level of speed and playability as Quake 1. Quake 3 has changed all that and is the most inspiring game engine I've yet seen. It seems ideally suited to ports of Quakeworld mods because the overall feel is so similar.

Even if Q3F wasn't in development, my own clan (EarthQuakers) would still probably have moved over to Quake 3 for CTF.