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Preview : Another War
  • Publisher:
  • Cenega
  • Developer:
  • Mirage
  • Genre:
  • RPG
  • Format:
  • PC
  • Release:
  • Quarter 3, 2002

A demo CD of Mirage's 'Another War' has recently ended up in my hands, and being an inquisitive soul, I investigated the 'RPG with a difference'. Be careful, as the information I pass to you now must not end up in enemy hands..

My findings were interesting indeed. Another War is set in the World War 2 era, and features the player as a mercenary/adventurer who stumbles into a plot involving world powers, while simultaneously trying to rescue his friend. Choosing between a hefty Strongman, a cunning Thief or a brainiac Intellectual, your task is to find your way out of your jail cell and find out what the hell is going on!

Another War borrows fairly liberally from previous games in the genre, such as Diablo and Planescape Torment (Bioware's insanely popular RPG). That's where the similarities end though, since the axes, swords and potions that can be found in these games have been replaced with guns, explosives and bandages - everything a soldier needs to survive in war-torn Europe.
Since Another War is a role-playing game, it wouldn't be complete with some sort of statistics-based combat. Your character is free to run around and attack, and his current strength, dexterity and skills will determine how he fares. Levelling up is simple, and you don't really get bogged down in the numbers, so to speak. It's perfectly user friendly.

If you like dialogue-based progression, then Another War has something for you. A lot of the game is based on dialogues that are enitiated via clicking on important objects and people. The developers certainly paid attention to this aspect, and I love the humour!
Unfortunately, the demo I played seemed a little incomplete, or didn't seem tweaked enough. The beginning of the game was very difficult indeed, and I urge you to consider this if you're easily defeated.
Another War looks to be an interesting variation on the standard sword/bow & arrow RPG, something which is sorely need in the current games market. Whether it proves to be popular, remains to be seen.


  • 50 locations across Europe
  • 30 weapons including a large array of guns and explosives
  • Real time action sequences
  • Three playable characters: a strongman, a thief and an intellectual
  • Isometric engine with new tools such as: BACA (Battle Advanced Combat Arena), FECA (Fast Enemy Creation and Annihilation), ASS (Advanced Script Supervisor)

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