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Probably one of the best duel map makers to date, FXR-Jude. He has created a variety of duel maps for you ranging from small fighting to mammoth tactical maps. Each one is excellently designed as there is no specific way to camp on them. You are constantly suprised by your enemys attack.

rail0r : So, who are you and where do you live (in the nicest possible way)
FXR-Jude : Alan Donald, 25, and Sydney Australia.
rail0r : How long have you been playing Online games for and how did you first start?
FXR-Jude : Umm, I first started playing doom2 back during my uni days.. I didnt play much quake1 except for team fortress, but then I really got into quake2, once I got a decent computer and a Voodoo 1.
rail0r : What was the first clan you joined in Quake 2?
FXR-Jude : The first quake2 clan I ever joined was LOA - Lords of Amoral, I was with them for about 2 years, and they've pretty much since dissolved. I then joined FxR because they were the people i did 90% of my lanning with. Oh yah, because we rock n stuff too :)
FXR website - not up at the moment.
rail0r : Which Online games do FXR Specialize in?
FXR-Jude : When I first joined FxR we were a Quake2 clan, but since Quake3 (and promode) has come out, we've pretty much only been playing Q3 promode.
rail0r : Promode is amazing though isnt it.
FXR-Jude : Sure is, it rocks me, its actually fun, as opposed to Vq3 (vanilla q3)
rail0r : What type of connection are you on?
FXR-Jude : Well, I have Telstra cable at the moment, but it's pretty poor for online gaming. I've recently played on modem, and that was a more consistant connection for gaming.
rail0r : What do you mean by "Modem". Do you mean 56k or Cable Modem.. ?
FXR-Jude : Dialup Modem
rail0r : ahh yeah.. Thats what ive got.
FXR-Jude : Sucks dont it. well, cable isnt much better here in au atm (well, atleast Telstra isnt, I dont know about Optus)
rail0r : Do you believe connection has a big deal to do with a player winning or losing?
FXR-Jude : Depends, alot of people say that cablers are all ping, but I think it's different... some servers you can go onto and even if you are on cable you wont do much better than if you were on dialup, especially in very packed servers where there's just so many people random spamming handgrenades around the place.
rail0r : So your saying that lpbs with 10 ping do actually have a bit of skill?
FXR-Jude : Running around a corner and catching a rocket in the face.. a 10 ping wont help you in that situation.. but on the other hand, it helps with rail.. thats for sure
rail0r : Are there any special leagues in Sydney that you can play for?
FXR-Jude : Nup, i'm not half as good as some of the other people in our clan, so i dont play much apart from online, and can Mode2 contribute to this.

Mode2 : Im organising now with the help of a sydney lan organisation a q3 comp that will span 4 months it will host a teamdm comp and a duel comp.
rail0r : Where abouts is the URL for this?
FXR-Jude : It will be when it's done, I registed the domain last night. Mode2 : Yeah SGL is getting ressurected, THE SYDNEY GAMERS LEAGUE. Basically online tourneys and leagues are never a show of true potential. LAN is where its at.!
rail0r : Will there be any prizes here?
Mode2 : Yes, actually with talk of the AU team selection LAn for the CPL Team DM tourney the maoin prise will be flights to wherever that lan will be for the winning team and Duelists, because no doubt we (AU) will be trying to send more players to the CPL events in the future. Apart from that there will be other prises like mice/mousemats/razer stuff and PCPP (pc powerplay magazine subscriptions) etc.
rail0r : Ok cool, lets get back to the questions, you swaying me off track.
Mode2 : I'll do that to ya :)

rail0r : How long have you been designing Maps, and which was your first map?
FXR-Jude : well, I originally did one or two really bad Doom2 maps - y'know, the ones with a ton of cyberdemons and a the same number of rocket launchers.. your FFA single player maps kinda thing.

When I started playing Quake2 i really wanted to make some of my own maps to play - we played some of those at lans and they were enjoy by alot of the people who played on them, If they hadnt enjoyed them, I probably wouldnt have made any more.
rail0r : I heard you originally started to build Q3JDM8A as a q2 map is this true?
FXR-Jude : Anwyays, when Q3TEST came out, I tried converting one of my q2 maps to Q3test with rather bad results (I was the only one who saw it) - there wasnt very many textures in q3test to work with...but then when Quake3 came out, I started again.
rail0r : But what i dont get is q3jdm8a was orriginally a q2 ffa map.. how did it get so small for q3?
FXR-Jude : Well the proportions are different. Take a box in quake2 and put that same box into a quake3 map - it'll look roughly 20% smaller... I think the ID guys did that so they could fit more detail in, it's rather annoying actually, because you as a player in the game are about 20% larger, it makes it harder to get the proportions of rooms and so forth just right.
rail0r : Ok dont take this next question offensively, but did you base q3jdm10's textures on a footy ground toilet, or do you believe you worked your hardest on it?
Mode2 : Those textures shit all over q3jdm8a
FXR-Jude : Can you hang a sec..
rail0r : sure why wassup ? .. you all hacking me PC now :)
FXR-Jude : Girlfriend Problems :/
rail0r : Mode2 whats your favourite map of Judes?
Mode2 : Has to be jdm10 for sure, it just plays really well in promode. q3jdm10 does have the problem of the lava though.
rail0r : I thougth that at fist but you can rocket jump out.
Mode2 : yep but its really sucky, as in it sucks you down. Im going to sugest to jude that he makes it similar to the q3dm7 lava and see what he thinks... that way you still copp the damage when you fall into it but its not game over

Well, Ive never really had a really good imagination and you can probably see that in q3jdm8a... I sorta tried to learn from the criticism of the textures and so forth in q3jdm8a and used what i learnt in subsequent maps. about 80% of the textures in q3jdm10 (cpm3) are custom. i spent a couple of days looking for textures that might have worked well together...

While I dont think it was 100% succesful, I think that effort was 100% better than q3jdm8a.. some people dont like the texture set I used for cpm3 and so if I do another map (which is highly likely) then i'll try something a little more mainstream.

Alot of people dont like gothic though, and I definately tried to steer away from that this time.... and the metal t4 textures while they look pretty spiffy are frame rate killers (esp on my 16mb v3) so i didnt use those either and when you have a look through the q3 texture set which Ihave to use (I dont use q3radiant, so I cant see half of them) I dont have alot left to work with.
FXR-Jude : Ok back now!

rail0r : What map editing software do you use?
FXR-Jude : I use a version of Quark ( which is designed for Quake2 (not quake3) hence the reason I dont use curves in my q3 maps, also had to transfer all the quake3 textures manually to the so yeah, I basically build 'quake2' maps, but I just use the Quake3 compile tools on the 'quake2' maps. it's a bit of a complicated proceedure, but as you can see, it works :)
rail0r : I recently found out your JDM10 was only realeased with ProMode are you in some kind of business deal with the creators?
FXR-Jude : Nup, I havent received anything from the Challenge people, except for exposure.
rail0r : Did you ever expect your Maps to become such a big hit for them to be used in Promode?
FXR-Jude : Nah, q3jdm8a was a rather large surprise to me. Originally I didnt think it was that good, but a heard some people from Poland were using it for a duel comp. I then started actually playing it, and though yeah, this is not a bad map actually :] I refresh the q3 gamespy list every now and then and just have a look :)
rail0r : Do you agree with me that Tim Willits might actually learn something about map design if he spent 5 minutes looking over your maps?
FXR-Jude : Well, I'm hardly one to bag out Tim Willits, but I think that there is a purpose of his maps being slightly different than mine. I once spoke to (read: bowed down to) a very well known map maker and asked to have a look at one of the maps that I had nearly finished... he said that while the map itself was pretty awesome, it lacked one thing.. location. You had to have a feel of you've just walked into a cathedral, or a warehouse, or a place which you could describe to someone else, if you couldnt describe it in terms of that, then it lacked something.. even though you've described cpm3 as a toilet, it's a start :)
rail0r : Is it true you guys only drink Fosters? (by "you guys" I meant Australians)
FXR-Jude : I rarely drink beer, and if i ever did again, i'd never drink fosters - fosters ISN'T australian for beer - heinikien! or however you speel eiit
rail0r : Do you like badgers if so or if not why?
FXR-Jude : Aardvarks own badgers easy... (my machine is actually called aardvark, as is my work machine)
rail0r : Can you say anything in l33t.. ?
FXR-Jude : n0p3, 3r33t0 bur33t0
rail0r : Most popular phrase in uk is 1 0wn j00 cunt0r
FXR-Jude : j0r is maw caw than slaw!
(Spamming went on for a few moments there)

rail0r : Can you leave us with some words of wisdom for anyone in the future thinking of taking up mapping?
FXR-Jude : If your going to make a map, i think that more people will play if it's fun, rather than if it looks good. 20 frags is better than 20fps.
rail0r : Anything else to say before we take you outside and shoot you?
FXR-Jude : I reik Milk !
rail0r : What does that mean ?
FXR-Jude : eheh, that was what that japanese guy wrote on his webpage.., y'know, the japanese version of mahir.
rail0r : Ok then thanks for doing the interview and see you all later.
FXR-Jude: Thanx Guru and Bi!
Mode2 : Bi rail0r.. Oh btw.. Chelsea own all in football! (ed : too damn right)