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Red Faction 2 preview
Red Faction 2
Developer : Volition
Publisher : THQ
Platform : PlayStation 2
Release : November 2002

Last Friday we were treated to a late afternoon out in Leicester Square at the expense of fast growing publisher, THQ. Assuming a pre-capitalism Russian theme in order to promote their upcoming title Red Faction 2 we were treated to some interesting information regarding the features of this highly anticipated game. Developed by Volition Studios (an in-house development team), the second Red Faction title promises to be much more of everything that was good in Red Faction and introduce new features into the fray.

Red Faction 2, based on Geo-Mod technology (much as it's former) has a number of improvements with a large feature list to boast. General features include :-
  • Dual-Handed Weapons
  • Improved Geo-Mod implementation
  • Single Player: Multiple Objectives and Strong Replay Value
  • Single Player: Squad Based AI Working Together
  • Single Player: Friendly Escort AI, and Escort AI Helping the Player
  • Single Player: Boss Combat
  • Single Player: Multiple Endings (based on in-game actions)
  • Multiplayer: Four-Player Split Screen Multiplayer - 40 levels
  • Multiplayer: Additional Multiplayer Modes - 7 Basic & 1 Unlockable
  • Multiplayer: Power Ups and Jump Pads
  • Multiplayer: Create Your Own Bots
  • USB Keyboard/Mouse Support
  • Dynamic Environments and Scripted Events
  • There are 4 different endings to Red Faction 2, depending on how you play the game. As they say, it's not whether you win or loose, it's how you play the game. The emphasis on a steady frame rate throughout the game was mentioned a number of times in the hour long speech given by THQ supremo Rob Loftus. During demos and the many hands-on previews we had the frame rate seemed perfectly normal in big fights. Gibs also feature highly in the damage list, with physics being applied to each gib, in order to give the player a realistic view of what would happen to their guts should they be hit by a rocket launcher (who says video games aren't educational).

    Voice-overs are done by Lance Henriksen, who appeared in Aliens and The Terminator alongside other television programmes. This makes a refreshing change to those emotionless voice-overs gamers had come to hate and exhibits THQ's intention for attention to detail.

    Alongside weapons you are able to fully control 2 vehicles and can hitch a ride on another 2. The two fully controllable ones are the mini-sub and the impressive armoured suit.

    The armoured suit has two mounted guns which can be controlled independently or together. With rocket launchers available at your disposal you have mass carnage, on tap.

    Details of what weapons will be at your disposal was also given. Since you have the secondary fire option, this allowed a large armoury to be present.
  • Grenade Launcher (replaces Rocket Launcher)
  • Stinger (Anti-Vehicle missile)
  • Anti-Personnel Weapon (Repta's Weapon)
  • Pistol
  • Dual pistol
  • Machine pistol
  • Dual machine pistol
  • Shotgun (now with incendiary shells for alternate fire)
  • Assault Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle
  • HMG (Heavy Machine Gun)
  • Newly designed Rail Gun w/ new "see through wall" view mode.
  • Super Sniper Rifle
  • NICW
  • Silenced Machinegun
  • Dual Nano-pistols
  • Nano-Pistol
  • The emphasis was put on the number of weapons that are available today. Whilst a few futuristic weapons are available (such as the Rail Gun) most weapons are "in the shops" today or are slight modifications to what is available. In addition to the weapons, the player is presented with 4 types of grenade. These are :-
  • Frag Grenades
  • Incendiary Grenades
  • EMP Grenades
  • Satchel Charge (sticky grenades)
  • Geo-Mod technology means that the player requires to use his grey matter once in a while. If a player seems to be boxed in by 4 walls, he will usually be able to blast part of one down in order to make his way out.

    Keen to push the multiplayer aspect of Red Faction 2, THQ has released a number of screenshots :-





    With Red Faction 2 set to hit stores in time for Christmas 2002, THQ are hoping (and rightly so) that it will bring them a fair slice of the PS2 game sales this festive period.