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Interview with Slave From Savage
After a long and hard day playing in the Savage League Q3CTF Super Cup Sunday, I asked Slave, their head admin for an interview for information about their league and a few other things, the following day, he had enough time. I have his full consent to use what ever he told me, I am going to hold him to his word.

Twix : When did Savage 1st think about doing a league for any game type and which game?

Slave : Our 1st league started about 2 and a years ago, was started up by Klan Wolf so his clan, TJD could play regular games, instead of just arranging practices, when they could. It was started for Quake 2.

Twix : How many clans participated in your 1st league?

Slave : The 1st season was very slow with only 8 clans that signed up, however that suited us as it was only 1 person in the beginning organising and watching the games to make sure no-one was cheating, besides we only had the one server at that point:)

Twix : After your 1st season I think it picked up a fair bit with a lot more clans signing up to your league?

Slave : With help from people like Rico and Chrono, we had enough clans for 3 whole divisions. KlanWolf did most of the legwork.

Twix : When did savage finally include Quake 3 CTF in their leagues and for what reason?

Slave : I guess that was after we played the beta version, we thoroughly enjoyed it. We had head that CTF was going to be out of the box so we knew that it would be a safe bet that we would be able do a Quake 3 League as soon as it was out.

s 1.07 etc so that you could play CTF?


m surprised that you actually waited for the game to be finally released before you tried out Q3 CTF, especially as most of you clan patched Q3 in order to play CTF.

t wish to play the beta version, as it could of varied a lot from the finished game, however it still had the same feel. I am sort of strange ,like that, waiting for the final game before trying out ctf.

{editors note, mmm wonder how he knew the gameplay was the same feel, without tryin it.. :P }

Twix : How much time and effort is put into making sure that you have as many clans participating in them as possible and making sure that they run smoothly?

Slave : I would like to think that our league is popular as we spend a lot of time making sure that they run well, and on schedule. Not because we have 20 foot high billboards :P

Twix : I believe you were sort of in a panic after you opened registration for Q3 ctf as you had what was it, about 60 ish clans singed up?

Slave : That was crazy, we had a fair amount, just over 70 clans signed up {laugh} sort of worried about how we were going to deal with that amount of clans.

m sure the thought of capping the amount of clans to a 40 odd crossed your mind.

t happen again. We ended up with 43 clans taking part in the end.

Twix : What sort of server problems did you have, lag, config or?

t wish to start the league on crap servers, that no-one could play on properly, we ended up gaining full control over the servers, so that we could set them up correctly. After that the only problem we had was the trying to figure out which night we should run the league on. Their was a lot of internal politics going on at that time, so it took a few weeks like I said before.

Twix : How did you come about to deciding which maps to play in your league?

t go looking for them
Twix : Harslg, part of the maplab collection,is one of the most unpopular of the custom maps, was that asked for?

nt done a poll as such, we read what is written on our forums and try the maps out, also go by the e-mails we receive.

Twix : So you put a lot of effort into making sure that the players have what they want? I thought checking what maps other leagues are running would have been a quick way to decide the maps, since you are a couple of weeks behind them.

t have the time.

Twix : Ah so that was the reason that their was a slight mix up a couple of weeks ago with Barrysworld league? Match time conflicting with each other, BW was annoyed to say that in the least

s partly the reason why we always have the same times for the league.

Twix : Good idea that, so clans can participate in other leagues, and organise the games around each other, that allows clans to play as many games as possible. A lot harder to organise I presume?

s online most nights of the week.


t work we change it accordingly.

s game just last Sunday? The 26 minute 43 seconds of overtime against International Quake Squad. You sort of said in the game at that point if there is no cap, then the game would be decided by counting up the caps seeing as how it was a draw? I suppose games like that can cause major delays for the rest of the night.

Slave : It can I think a clan getting a cap in though is a lot better than turning it into a more DM orientated game, as that just gets messy, we try do our best to let games such as that one, play for as long as possible, before going by points.

Twix : I take it the current set of rules is easy to see?

s have a separate page dedicated to the current rules in force.

t that cause any problems, take the final of your Super Cup Sunday, IQS vs nEo.

t really see why they had to argue about it, fair enough if they disagree on a particular rule, start up a forum and have a debate on it, they just looked liked bad loosers imho when they lost.

t do that.

Slave : The rules are made clear. We may consider pausing games in the future, it is a matter that we shall look into.

Twix : So you change the rules according to what the players want?

Slave : No.. not to what the players want. What we think is best for the league overall, after talking to people and using our own experience in running leagues over the few years.

t you think that perhaps 6vs6 is too many for some of the maps?

t, some of the q3ctf maps. E.g. q3ctf3 plays a lot better overall. 5vs5 or 4vs4 would be better on some maps though.

s ?

Slave : Due to the 6vs6 rule we do that that into account.

Twix : I hear that you are thinking about doing a poll on the q3ctf league doing either 6vs6 or 5vs5 games, any truth in that?

Slave : That is something that we are wanting to do in the near future.

t you allow specs, so that they can fill in if 1 person times out, I take it is because a lot of clans are now using voice comms? However that would stop the problem of clans complaining they are 1 short for 40 seconds to a couple of minutes.

s the best solution we have for that at moment, moderations come out with different options in them like pause, and spec lock, we look at different ways of doing things.

Twix : Is that the reason that you tested out the OSP and Q3comp mod?.

Slave : Yes.

Twix : I am sure that a lot of clans were pretty upset that you changed the mod way through the cup without so much as a warning?

t connect to the OSP servers the week before, that is why we tried out the Q3comp mod.

Twix : So what you are saying is that you used the CUP as a sort of test bed for the mods?

t change the mod in the leagues, just the cup, and yes we did use the Cup to try out a couple of mods, we were originally going to only use OSP mod for the cup, however we had a lot of complaints, as I said before from Apple Mac users, that is why it was changed. We tried Q3comp mod the 2cd week to see if that was any better. If a mod stops someone from playing I shall not use it.

Twix : So you try and provide the facilities for as many players as possible to participate.

Slave : Yes, the leagues and the cups are run for the majority of players.

Twix : Have you finally decided which mod you are going to use on the servers or are you still in the trail and error stage?

Slave : Not sure to be honest.

Twix : last week the servers seemed find, this week thou with the q3comp mod the servers were heck of a laggy, I believe a lot of players complained about that, I know I did :)

t say for sure.

Twix : So the OSP mod was the better of the 2 mods you tried out?

m willing to listen to the players, comments, they can e-mail me any suggestions that they may have, and we shall take them into consideration.

Twix : Any comments you have for clans that participate in your league already or clans that are thinking about signing up?

s and we wish you good luck in all your games. Come join our party :P

Twix : Sometime that I forgot to ask was how many clans actually your leagues at present?

Slave : 32 clans in Q2 CTF, 40 clans in Q3 CTF, 24 clans for Counter Strike, 16 clans in Unreal Tournament, and finally 12 in Classic CTF.

Twix : Any final comments you would like to make?

ve never been the one to blow my own trumpet, so to speak, In the end, Savage takes pride in the leagues that we run, and that is why clans wish to play in them, I thank them for that, without the clans we would be nothing. Our moto is we do our shit for free, unlike a few other Leagues bribing clans to join them by offering prizes and the likes.

Twix : Thanks for your time.

(few more quick things went on here, none relevant to the average gamer)

Twix and Slave Parted Company.

This interview is a collection of logs, from the past as well, I reorganised the questions, collected aswers together from previous logs, relating to the same question, corrected spelling and grammer mistakes to make a more interesting read. Hope you enjoyed the quick interview you can comment about it in our forums.