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Ghost Recon: Island Thunder (preview)

  • Publisher: Ubi Soft
  • Genre: military FPS
  • Format: PC
  • Release date: November, 2002

The military special forces game 'Ghost Recon' is due for another addon pack booster, and in a direct contrast to the previous addon (Desert Siege), the setting is Cuba. The year is 2006 and Castro is dead, which means Cuba is now facing its first democratic election ever. The special forces team that you will lead on various tasks are charged with keeping the peace, and preventing the election from being distrupted from....well, just about anybody with a gun. Yup, the much-relied upon formula of killing guerillas, terrorists and organised criminals returns, but with an added twist. New missions are available which take place in the rainy jungles of Cuba, which as you can imagine, limits visibility and makes encounters all that more lethal. I hope you're ready for it!

This particular preview version contained only two missions, but promised in the full version are 8 singleplayer missions comprising a varied distribution of jungle and urban situations, 5 new multiplayer maps, new weapons and insertion via helicopter. A standard Ghost Recon experience awaited me, meaning that the basic gameplay hasn't been altered, so it's all in the same style as before.
As always, there are difficulty options and various degrees of graphics/sounds settings, which if i'm correct, should be unchanged from your existing Ghost Recon configuration.
Whether or not Island Thunder will be 'just another' addon pack, it should be interesting to try out the new weapons, since one of them includes the M4 SOCOM which if you military hardware buffs remember, was used in Black Hawk Down by the Delta team members. Yum!

Feature summary:

  • A whole new campaign based across the island of Cuba, comprising of 8 new singleplayer missions
  • 5 new multiplayer missions
  • New multiplayer game types, including Defend (single/coop) and Cat & Mouse (free-for-all)
  • New weapons including the M4 SOCOM and MM-1 Automatic Grenade Launcher
  • New vehicles - Cuban, allied and helicopter insertions for particular missions
  • New specialist characters

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