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It is 776 BC. The age of the first Olympics in Ancient Greece. The Greek city states of Athens, Sparta, Macedonia, Elis, Crete, Troy, Thebes and Carthage have gathered at Olympia.

It is the last day of the historic event. The five full days of frenetic athletic activities are coming to an end. But the pinnacle of all the Olympic events is yet to commence. As one of the privileged competitors, the expectations of thousands rest on your shoulders……..

  • Choose from among eight different charioteers, both men and women, each with their own unique abilities
  • Eight different chariot models with different handling characteristics
  • Race through the countryside of the ancient Hellenic world. Race tracks which plunge from soaring snowbound mountains to verdant Grecian meadows and meander through undulating deserts.
  • Marvel at the beauty of ancient monuments like the Lighthouse of Pharos, Temple of Zeus, Acropolis and the Giza pyramids.

Graphics Features
  • Full support for the latest graphics cards with T&L, vertex and pixel shaders
  • Highly realistic vertex shaded grass, fur
  • Stunning pixel shaded water effects with reflection and refraction
  • Dynamic, volumetric clouds which change appearance as the race progresses
  • Volumetric shadows
  • Environment mapped bump mapping
  • Specular light effects
  • High polygon models with continuous LOD
  • Geometry amplification using TruForm/N-patches
  • Cube mapping

Audio Features
  • High fidelity surround environmental audio effects
  • EAX support
  • DirectSound 3D support
  • OpenAL support

Networking Features
  • Four player and eight player LAN multiplayer
  • Eight player internet multiplayer

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