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PlanetScape Torment
Minimum System requirments : P200MMX, 32Mb Ram, 8x cdrom, 4mb Video Card, directX6+
Required System requirments : P266MMX, 64Mb Ram, 12x cdrom, 4mb Video Card, directX6+
Game Sytem tested on: P500, 128Mb ram, 32x cdrom, Geforce DDR, DirectX6+

This is again one of Black Isle's stunning Advanged Dungeons and Dragons adventure , this time set in the Planescape campain settings , for all of you who played and loved Baldurs Gate, you will love this game.

The installation went smooth , so i started the game, First of all you 'Create' your character , by dividing points to different Abilties Like , Strenght, Wisdom, Dexterety , Charisma etc. After that you see a nicely compiled intro movie and the game starts, you wake up in a mortuary, dead or alive , you don't know. In fact you forgot all , your name , how you came here etc. After you wake up, a flying skull approaches you, named Morte. This ratteling Bone Box seems to know a lot about you. Together you start the game and the first thing to do is to get out of the Mortuary and search for your identity.

This quest however seems more difficult than you might expect , Soon the Story line picks up , and pulls you into murder, Treachery and more!, Your Character (the nameless one) will develope his 'skills' 'aligment' in the game by fighting and talking , he will adept his aligment on your playing style , so if you piss people of and start insulting them , he will grow more and more to the dark side (chaotic evil, Neutral Evil) , if you do good deeds and be nice to people he will grow more to the light side (chaotic good, Neutral good) , Killing Monsters and Talking to people will give you experience points, the more experience points the faster you gain experience points. When you have enough , you can divide another 'point' to your 'abilities' . Remember Wisdom and Inteligence are very important in this game (even if you are a fighter), High Wisdom Will give you more dialog options , and more things to do, explore.

have their own cut-scene's and other snippets of rendered geni, They used the same engine as they used for Baldurs Gate , but they optimised it a litle. The level 7th/8th spells have their own 'movies' when cast , and they look great.

The sound is also great , the music suits the game perfectly and the sound effects, 'Voice' are nicely done. When walking through a town tempo of the music goes down and you have a relaxing time, however when faced in battle the music goes wild, and monsters start storming to you. All in all, the sense of hearing is well catered for, providing a very good accustic accompliment to the game.

The control style is almost perfect, you click with your mouse where you wanto go , and the selecter character moves the given direction, 1 click with your right mouse button and a small menu appears , giving you the option to quickly select spells and items. A very simple point and click interface. Press the spacebar once, and the game pauzes , so you can give your selected party (6 members maximum) their orders, press the spacebar again and the game continues , and all party members perform their giving actions. This was already introduced in Baldurs Gate, and they used it again in Planescape torment.

The story line is by far the best I've ever seen , The storyline makes you want to play on , and never stop, sleepless Nights and not enough food, also the gfx, sound and gameplay are great points.

There are only a few negative points: There is no Multiplayer support (is this a negative?;), and if you play without the patch , the game gives these very irritating slow-down bugs....luckly this is fixed by downloading the latest patch.

Overall, I found this game to be very enjoyable and found it to be worth what I paid for it, and I am still getting many hours of enjoyment from it.