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Instagib - training to be a rail God?
In the past days when I played Quake 2, QuakeWorlders used to annoy me when they complained about the railgun in Quake 2. They said it was over powered, a sniping weapon that made the game remote and slow. At the time, I thought that was because they were no skills rocket queening llamas who hadn't figured out prediction yet, never mind aim. I now know that I was at least 50% wrong :-) (cough - ed)

The railgun was probably the greatest innovation that Quake 2 had to offer, a balanced 'one shot kill weapon' with slow reload that gave satisfaction like no other. Rocket kills may be a dime a dozen, but everyone remembers a really sweet rail kill.

Then came Quake 3 and with it came change. They say that change is often scary, like a man changing into a warewolf (for example) but those who know me will say I'm a pretty reasonable sort of guy. I can live with the fact that Sugar Puffs don't taste like Frosties without getting angry because I know that although both are made from corn with sugar, I understand they're _completely_different_creations_, albeit ones made by the same company.

I'm really not bothered enough to go into an argument about whether these 'changes' are a good thing or not - I'll leave that to the uber 'l33t' types behind the enjoyable Pro mod - but there was one main problem that Q2 players could not adjust to at start and this was the Q3A railgun.

People moaned it was the wrong size, made the wrong sound and wasn't as effective but there was nothing they could do about it. After a few months both scenes (QW/Q2) got used to it but because of the Rocket Launcher's speed and reload rate, the railgun became less of a dominating weapon in Q3 than it had been in Quake 2.

The Instagib mod aims to put some zest into the love life of rail whores everywhere... or at least I think so. Onto the brass tacks...

InstaGib... in-sta-gib...

insta (adverb) - to instantly
Gib (verb) - to gibulate, reduce an entity to 'gibs'

Have you guessed what it's about yet? The InstaGib mod is a conversion of the popular UT mod and, as advertised, features one shot death hijinks and hilarity. Players spawn armed with railguns and just 100 health which means that you're either going to be railed or you're going to crater which simplifies things a great deal. In the mean time, you press fire a lot.

The instagib mod can be used in conjunction with any other mod because of the server side implementation. This means that you can have anything from instagib FFA to instagib CTF with my personal favourite being instagib team DM, although more than 2 v 2 tends to degenerate even between evenly matched sides.

I don't see this as a serious mod, I feel that it's more suited to a LAN party style game that's always good for a laugh, much in the same way that Stupid Quake 2 is, however, I can see people being attracted to InstaGib team games, particularly CTF.

DM17 seems to be a popular level for this mod, with the open spaces increasing the overall 'railfest' that was promised. Unfortunately, maps like this in instagib are just there to inflate a player's estimation of their railing skill simply through the easiness of 'midairs' on players thrown off bounce pads. Rail newbies might like to use this level to foster some sort of false belief that they can rail whilst Q2 veterans who practised their midairs on grunts accelerating at 9.8ms- should know the difference.