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Geforce FX Ultra 5800 @ CeBIT 2003 - High noon
Last week we spent some of our time (and most of our money) at Hannover. CeBIT is truely the biggest technology event in the calendar, words simply can't describe it's sheer size - over 29 halls, with it's own bus service to ferry people, on site medical facitilies and fully 802.11b compliant (or so we are told). Expected to attract over 800,000 visitors over the 8 days, the event has picked up in stature, especially after the lacklustre Comdex last November.

There is a huge amount of information we picked up, including interesting tit-bits from the manufacturers, many of which we'll save for other articles over the coming weeks, but today we present you with some pictures of Geforce FX 5800 Ultra cards from your favourite manufacturers. We couldn't take pictures of all the cards due to time restrictions and camera memory limitations but you should find something of interest below.

Abit Siluro 5800 DOTH

Last week we saw pictures of the box (Abit offered us to show the box again), today you get to see the card from as many different angles as you want. Sadly we were unable to take the card out of the presentation box.

Asus V9900 Ultra

Asus is one of the "big" NVIDIA board partners, and many respect their cards. Therefore this unit should be fairly popular.

Gainward Ultra/1000 PLUS Golden Sample

So this is the board/manufacturer you've all been waiting for, right? Gainward have the reputation that everyone wants, and their stand was made up of the awards they had received in the past few years. There isn't much doubt that this will be the board that everyone who wants an NV30 will be after. Be warned though, the package below costs around 450 or 600, but you get a 6 channel sound card, FireWire connectivity and various games included in that price, along with the card itself.

Leadtek A300 Winfast Ultra TD

Leadtek came out with a good NV25 (Ti4600) part last year and this year they could be the only single slot solution here. The problem is we can't confirm whether this card will only cover the single slot - it has tilted fans, however it looks a lot sleeker than the rest.

PNY Verto Geforce FX 5800 Ultra

Rarely seen here in the UK, PNY have built a good name over the Pond and this board sticks closely to the reference design we shot way back in November.

Watercooled NVIDIA Geforce FX 5800 Ultra

To end off with a little fun. Gainward were kind enough to take us at the rear of their stand and show off the below system which was running a reference 5800 Ultra board, but with watercooling. Apparently it was done by one of the Bit-Tech guys so kudos to them. The thing was running sweet (looping 3DMark 2001 and 2003 in front of our eyes) at 550/500, sadly they couldn't get rid of the memory lock, otherwise they were pretty sure it would go higher too. Still, the setup looked very l33t.

We missed out MSI - no, not because they have started producing ATI cards, but because we actually ran out of memory on our camera. Their card followed the reference design so it's nothing too special.

Many manufacturers also told us that they were unhappy at being restricted to the reference design so much. Unofficially we were told many more comments regarding dissatisfaction with implementation, availability and performance of the NV30 boards, so the next few months could be a rough ride for NVIDIA.

Over the next few days/weeks we'll have more information on these cards.