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Planetarion: The New Dawn
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First of all what is Planetarion ??? If you don't already know it is a web based strategy game that is available to anybody who has a browser. Once you have created a Planetarion account and logged in you start with a planet and must build up a fleet of ships to attack other planets to gain asteroids, which in turn give you more resources to build up and even bigger fleet. Ok so there is a bit more to it than that, you can join alliances and make friends and enemies, you also can try to become your galactic commander, or minister of communication and try and turn your galaxy of part timers into a mean lean totally committed killing machine that tears the galaxy apart. Or maybe you prefer to go it alone sneakily attacking your galaxy mates when they are out attacking somebody else and stealing their asteroids. You also have choices to make in how you build your planet up, you can build and research various structures, but be careful. If you build some structures you will no longer to be able to build various other ones so think before you go madly building everything. How you play is totally up to you and it is surprisingly good fun for such a simple game.

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Planetarion is now in its 3rd round, so what has changed since the last round ???

Well to be totally honest not a huge amount, but it has been made somewhat more polished than it was before. Gone are the useless GDF (Galactic Defence Force), and the not so useless MOD (Minister of Development). You can no longer see if people in other galaxies are logged in or not. Travel times have been tweaked again and are now a mixture of first round and second round travel times. We now have swanky new graphics, Planetarion is hosted on a new server and we also have a couple of other small tweaks to the game that are generally speaking nice touches.