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This Christmas you have two choices when buying something for the kids, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PSP. Since one is rarer than goat’s eggs you're left with the PSP. These glossy, black slabs of techno-lovin' may be expensive, but I doubt there's a kid (or big kid) in the land that hasn't at least pondered the possibility that Santa may have put a unit to one side for them.

Despite a staggered launch which saw Sony double the number of units at US launch to one million in March, the delayed European launch in September saw most UK retailer's shelves bare of PSP units within a day or two, a situation which in some parts of the Country still hasn't improved.

All these delays may have upsides though, as it should have given Sony a chance to work out some of the niggles that have plagued its launch. Tales of multiple dead, stuck and lazy screen pixels dust beneath the screen and unresponsive buttons, well just one button actually, the square, are all over the 'Net. Sony offered replacements but it seems in some cases they were shipping out units in similar condition as they were being sent in.

Despite the problems, PSP is here and looks set to completely redefine the handheld console market for the better. For those of you still waiting, or perhaps trying to convince yourself, or someone else, that around £180 for the basic package is money well spent, we're going to take a long hard look at the PSP and see if it lives up to the hype.