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The ultimate case?

Product : GlobalWin 802 case
#Price : 59.00 from, # 58.50 from CPU-Overclockers (prices are including VAT, and are quoted with the 235 watt PSU)
Available from : & CPU-Overclockers

If there was ever a case made for overclockers this has to be one. As you all know, GlobalWin make cooling products and this, their first case lives up to the high standards we have come to expect from GlobalWin products. Many of the little features in this case make it good, not just for the overclocker, but as a high end case for the power user.

The problem with many cases is that they are made to be functional. They do not cater for the needs of overclockers, who want a lot of fans in their case, or the need to open and fiddle with the hardware inside quite frequently. GlobalWin have thought hard about this, and their answer is a very good one.

One of the main features of this case is that the motherboard can slid out (bear in mind you have to clip off the hdd, floppy and power cables that attach onto the motherboard). The whole case is neatly made, with all the parts having a nice rounded-off finish so that you don't cut yourself.

You don't need a screwdriver to access the case, since all the major parts come off with thumbscrews. Inside, there is all the room you need to do what you want and as you can see on the back panel, there is space for a 80mm case fan to be used as an exhaust (the fan isn't included). The front fascia, is neat and tidy. The floppy drive sits behind a nice curved panel, so you can't see the actual drive. A comprehensive bag of bits (screws, 5.25" panels etc) are supplied and you really do get a lot of case for your money.

Here is a list of the main features :

  • 235 watt power supply unit
  • Can open without screwdriver
  • Smooth edges
  • Motherboard can be slid out
  • High standard of manufacture

There are a few things I would have liked to seen as standard. As this is touted as 'the Overclocker's case' you would expect the power supply to be 300 watt. You can pay extra, but when you are paying the best part of 60 pounds, you expect these things. So in the end, if you want a 300 watt PSU in this case you #are looking at a total cost of just over 80, which is quite a lot of money for a case.

Another nice feature is that a filter is supplied. This is basically a bit of netting you place in front, where a case fan (which isn't included) would go. Another very novel idea, however, it could be more of a gimmick rather than anything else.

The GlobalWin 802 case is used as the base for many of the AMK cases which have fans all over to increase the airflow, as is also the basis for OcUK's Extreme cooling case. There are many good points to the case and it's design, however down points include not supplying a 300 watt power supply as standard and unless you really need a good quality case which allows good air flow through it, it is quite pricey.