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Chances are if you live in the UK and you've tried building a Windows based Home Theatre PC one of the biggest turn-offs has been the God-awful way it looks on a conventional TV. Washed out colours and barely legible text aren't what you want from a capable, cutting edge PC that probably cost you a fair wad to build. Fortunately the UK seems to be slowly entering the 21st century and with shops suddenly bulging with relatively high definition HD ready LCD screens we might at last have a good excuse to plough some money into a PC for the living room.

I've tried many times to sell the virtues of the HTPC to friends and family, only to be met by frustrating comments like "what for? I can buy a DVD player for 20" or "why would I need a PC in the living room". The fact is that the PC is, despite its many faults and failings, the most powerful, flexible and expandable multimedia player on the planet. From recording your favourite TV programs to playing high definition video, from storing, playing and re-sampling your MP3s to passing a weary hour with a quick Sudoku or game of Solitaire, the PC is as much, or as little as you want it to be.

Until recently one perfectly fair criticism to be levelled at the PC was that it's too big and too ugly to be seen in any room other than the office. All that changed soon after the case modding craze took off with a range of compact and aesthetically pleasing cases designed to look at home alongside your DVD player, VCR or hi-fi components, and it's just such a case want to look at today.

The EN-7473 MediaCenter is a vaguely retro looking chassis designed to mimic the look of a pair of stacked separates. Created by the case connoisseurs at ENlight, who incidentally have been making cases since around 1986, some 13 years after setting up shop stamping metal parts for industry, the EN-7473 has quite a pedigree to live up to.

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Case Type - MicroATX Mini Desktop
Main Board Size - Micro ATX (9.6" X 9.6")
Drive Bays - 1 x 5.25" (Standard type CD/DVD Space)
1 x 3.5" (1" Height)
1 x 3.5" (Hidden)
Expansion Slot - 4 full size
Chassis - 0.6/0.8mm thick SECC / SGCC rustproof & galvanized JLS steel
Cooling & Ventilation System - 60mm rear fan x 2, Fan duct optional
Front bezel - UL chassis-94HB, 2*USB 2.0 & audio & 1394 optional
Power Supply - SFX 200W 12V (V 1.1)
Dimensions - 345 x 140 x 350 mm
(W x H x D) 13.6" x 5.5" x 13.8"
Weight - ( G.W.) 10 lb (case only)
Safety certificate - Meets CE, FCC, UL, YUV