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I’m sure that a great many of our readers have heard of AC Ryan; they’re a company who actually seem to be trying to make a difference to the modding world, in their own words:

AC Ryan is the leading modding products & supplies specialist, producing more than 600 items for your modding pleasure … With the recently launched "Re-Invent", AC Ryan takes familiar products and give them a simple, clever and unique AC Ryan Re-Invent twist.”

AC Ryan were recently kind enough to send me a box full of goodies to play with, including 3 fans, a backy, some UV paint, and a PSU Morf kit.

First Look

The items arrived in a slightly battered looking brown box with printed Thermaltake Logos, which were subsequently covered with stickers for Artic Silver products… confusing to say the least! Seeing as it’s obviously not something the end user is going to see I decided not to picture the box as its not the greatest advertisement for AC Ryan, non the less the products within were well packaged and wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent damage.

After fighting through the tape and bubble wrap, I was left with this:

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I decided to look at the products in what I like to call ‘reverse complexity’ order. More simply, I’ll start with the paint and work up to the Morf kit!

UV Paint

So the paint then… I had very little idea as to how to go about ‘testing’ paint. I had nothing to paint and no artistic skills to call upon! In the end I decided that all our lovely readers are going to really care about is whether the paint does what it says on the bottle, i.e. how well does it glow under UV.

AC Ryan sent me a bottle of green and a bottle of orange paint, both of which look completely like normal paint to the untrained eye… such as mine.

Putting the bottles under a UV light u can see a glimpse of the UV power contained within, but of course the real test comes from a practical demonstration.

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Lacking anything of interest to paint, I decided I would go to work on the bottom of a box (I did attempt something slightly grander involving a PSU, but you don’t want to see that… trust me), calling upon every fibre of artistic skill I have. The paint looks exactly like normal paint when dry and managed to paint over the cardboard, as well a metal and plastic surface I tested it on without too many problems, though I suggest you follow AC Ryan’s advice and use a base coat when you actually want to paint something you care about.

And without further ado, here is my own little masterpiece (with thanks to my beautiful assistant who held the UV lights up for me!):

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So there we go, whilst I may not have had any idea’s for using the UV paint at the moment, the paint has proved that it can do what it says very well, and will sit waiting patiently until the day when I suddenly think of a modding project!