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It goes without saying that there are a few things one should always have on their PCs, whether youíre on the Internet or not. One of those, of course, is an Anti-virus solution. Be-it in a business world environment or the typical home end user, it is a big-time must-have. Travel the links unknown without one and itís tantamount to committing electronic suicide and likely to put you well on the path to grey hairs.

In this review we are going to check out a particular Anti-Virus produced by a company called Norman.

A little company background is due first:

"Norman ASA is one of the leading companies in the field of data security and develops and sells virus control, personal firewall, parental control and protection against spam and spy-ware. Through its Norman SandBox technology, Norman leads the way in the world of proactive antivirus solutions. The companyís main focus is small and medium sized enterprises.

While focusing on its antivirus technology, the company has formed alliances, which enable Norman to supply a complete range of data security services. Headquartered in Norway, Norman provides virus protection to customers all over the world, with Scandinavia, continental Europe and the UK as key markets

That is a direct quote from the "About" section of their website. I shall add more to this though, for those who are curious, to demonstrate some credentials.

Norman was started in '84, with offices in Oslo Norway, as Arcen Data. They went on to grow, and along the way gathering contracts from companies such as IBM, the U.S. Department of Defense, and U.S. Military branches. While over time, they went on opening offices in the Netherlands, Washington D.C., Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. The company not only offers Anti-Virus solutions, but Firewall, Anti-Spyware, Internet Control, and Encryption for the home user. For Business end of things, Norman also offers Corporate and Business Suites. In short, they have something for just about every customer possible.

The Details

What Iím going to be looking at this time 'round is Norman Virus Control 5.81. In my case, I downloaded the 12.7MB file and installed it onto one of my machines I have handy. I shall note here for those interested, that Norman offers the Full versions on their site for these Microsoft platforms:

Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows 2003

Also offered are:


For the Windows versions, you have the option of 16 different language options. Norman for OS/2 comes in German and English, and the Linux version comes in DEB, RPM, and Tar files. They also list Trial and Beta versions as well.

The main core workings behind Norman's Anti-Virus product is Norman's Sandbox technology. In essence, SandBox does just what it sounds like it does, allows a suspected file to play in its own "sandbox". While it's being watched your system free to go about its usual business without any threat, while the file is being watched for suspicious activity on a separate duplicate environment. The file does not suspect whatís going on. Norman's the approach is to let the file execute and see just what it really is rather then have to deal with it in a real-time reactive style.

"Normanís solution: Let the virus execute its game. Then control the game!"