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Room for a tune
If you've heard of ATMT at all it's probably thanks to their extensive range of external storage solutions rather than their portable audio players, but that's what we're looking at today.

ATMT are an ambitious bunch of folk with a very strong strategy and a solid idea about where they want the company to head, it was after all "created to provide IT services to a variety of clients from all sorts of backgrounds".

Although today's review candidate is essentially a high-capacity MP3 player, it's also an external storage device and in fact was initially designed to be nothing more than that. In reality then this isn't an MP3 player that doubles as a portable external storage device, it's an external portable storage device with an MP3 player thrown in. Does it matter? Well, sort of, you see if it's sole purpose in life was to store and play your music files it would probably have a far more refined menu system and a higher price tag. The question we must answer then is whether the "value added" MP3 function is a poor quality gimmick or a sweet sounding bonus.

High Speed External Storage Portable Solution
Build-in High Speed USB 2.0 Bridge Adaptor with an 1.8" 10GB / 20GB Hard Disk
CD Quality MP3 Play Back Function
Build-in MP3 Decoder with Rechargeable battery for 13 Hours Continuous Playtime
USB Storage Device with Bus Powered Capability
Low Power Consumption Design, Powered by USB 1.1 / 2.0 Bus Power
Plug & Play and Hot Insertion / Removal Capability
Compatible with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP and MAC OS 9.x or above

What You Get

The Storm is built around a 20GB Hitachi Travelstar 08K1535 1.8" hard disk. This is sufficient for approximately 13000 songs, depending of course on how they're encoded.

Normally we wouldn't bore you with the hard disk details but as this is also an external storage device it becomes relevant. The Travelstar 08K1535 is a 4200rpm drive with 2MB of cache. It uses Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) for silence and durability, boasts very good shock tolerance and has a 15ms average seek time. It also retails for around 75 stand-alone, which demonstrates what a bargain this device is at just 109.58 from Scan Computers (at time of writing).

The first surprise comes when you open the box and examine what your money buys you. Sony may not feel able to supply a carry pouch with their more expensive and easily scuffed MP3 Walkmans, but ATMT can.

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And not just a pouch either, you also get a wrist strap, plus the obligatory manuals, software, headphones, USB cable and mains quick-charger. In all a very solid package that probably already justifies the asking price even if the MP3 quality sucks, though after doing so well thus far that'd be a real shame.