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Small but Perfectly Formed
To review every single MP3 player on the market would not only be a pointless exercise, it would probably be a lifelong exercise too. For that reason we've decided to cover only those that we believe have something special, be it their size, their features list, their output quality, their price or, if at all possible, an enticing combination of the lot.

Click to enlarge With MP3 players flooding the market from all corners of Asia there's only one certainty, and that's that having a great product is absolutely no guarantee of big sales. A great MP3 player generally has a subtle blend of looks, features and image that's so intangible you could never write a recipe for it. It's trial and error, it's about capturing the mood of the moment, and it's a real tough nut to crack. I actually bet with myself that we'd see real tough, military looking units making it big this year. Thick buckles, matte or camouflaged slightly worn looking paint finishes with leather holsters. I was wrong, big style, which makes me appreciate my total lack of involvement with MP3 design, though maybe I was required to kick-start the trend? We'll never know.

Today I want to take a look at a device that's about as un-military as they come. The Pebble is a 100% exclusive player available only from Advanced MP3 Players, a rather large, rather impressive and rather well stocked retail store based up in bonny Scotland, Edinburgh to be precise. It carried their branding too which means they've got a lot riding on its success, and a store that sells literally thousands of different models and has done so for half a decade isn't likely to have stock their Monika on a steaming pile of cack; at least I hope not.

MP3/WMA/ASF Playback
Voice/FM Recording (MP3 ENCODING) function
FM Tuner
FM Recorder
USB 2.0 high speed
OLED Display (6448,mono color)
Rechargeable Battery (Coin type Li-ion): Continuous play time 12 hours
EQ, User EQ, DBB, 3D Sound
Logo/icon display & edit function
Lyric & M-Sync support

I'm not quite sure what the motivation behind the unnecessarily large box is, perhaps it's a feeling of guilt at charging 79 for something so tiny, but you could possibly house a family of pebbles in one box with room for a food bowl, exercise wheel and water bottle.

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Actually the box isn't as huge as it looks. In fact to set the tone for this whole review let's address the issue of size right here and now. The Pebble may have a fleeting resemblance to Sony's NW-A1000 or NW-A3000 but it's smaller....much smaller.

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