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Sharkoon aren’t a company I’ve ever really heard of before, so when a package dropped through my door containing a Red Shock Pure Copper Heatsink, a Silent Eagle 2000 80mm fan and several Xurface Gaming Mouse Pads, I was slightly intrigued.

Seeing as I know little about the company we'll start off with a little blurb from their website:
“We do not follow any trends – we set them“

This is the claim the brand Sharkoon stands for with its products in the areas of gaming, modding, and storage solutions.

In the year 2006 we have been able to extend our portfolio by including new, fascinating products. Special thanks go to our developers who always commit their entire skills and inspiration for meeting even the markets most extravagant requirements by developing innovative products. So SHARKOON shows that unique design, convincing performance and affordable prices are not a contradiction in terms.

In these days high expectations and requirements are made to the acoustic performance of a modern computer. With the practically noise-free operation of its numerous ‘Silent’ products SHARKOON meets the growing demand in this field with, for example, a range of power supply units and a line of low-noise high-performance CPU and system coolers.

Get inspired by reading through our pages and enter the fascinating world of SHARKOON: Be part of it!

So their motto is “We do not follow any trends – we set them”, so it’ll be interesting to see if they’re setting the right sort of trends!