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120mm of cooling excellance?
Product :- Globalwin CAF12
Available from :- OcUK, Powercomputing
#Price :- 16.00 from OcUK, # 15.00 from Powercomputing

Case cooling is often over looked by most, since they concentrate on just cooling the CPU (after all that is the most important thing right?), but the ambient temperature around the CPU, and in general the case has quite a bit of effect on the CPU temperature. You have to remember that fan solutions do not cool the air, just blow a steady stream of it onto an object. Case fans, such as this CAF12 re-circulate the in the case therefore it offers clearer, and air within the case for the CPU fan to blow onto the heatsink. The circulation of air helps remove the hot air which has been heated up by the CPU or other components like the hard drive.

The CAF12 is on the whole, huge. It measures 147x120x45.5 (measurements are in millimeters), so you could say it is your standard 120mm case fan. It is designed so that it fits at 90 degrees over your PCI/AGP cards and blows air into them. However the overall effect is that the air around the case gets circulated.

Installation t very hard, and all you need is your trusted old screwdriver. The stabilizer t have to worry about fixing that. You need to remove two screws from your expansion slot holders (or the card if the slot is being used), and place the CAF12 so that the holder aligns itself with the screw holes. Now you just re-screw them back and you have your CAF12 firmly back in place, along with the expansion slot holders or PCI cards. Power to the CAF12 is supplied by 4 pin connector, but Globalwin has made t loose any expansion capability in the future and made this a pass-through connector, which is a very nice design feature. Because the CAF12 t lose any PCI t just hit one PCI or AGP card, but is spread between 5-6 PCI/AGP slots. Again we saw this to be a good design feature.

The fan itself moves huge volumes of air, and Globalwin claims it shifts 64 CFM. This is quite a fair bit, when you consider the best CPU fans shift about 26 CFM.

So lets see how this monster performed :-

So from those results we can see a definite drop in the temperature of the air within the case. Remember the temperature is cooler because there is better air circulation, rather than cold air being blasted in. The hot/warm air is being extracted and replaced with cooler air. The drop of 6 degrees is quite a bit, but what is more surprising and it certainly caught us by surprise was how quick the changes took. Within 30 minutes we had reached 28 degrees. Testing carried on for another 24 hours but there was no drop in temperature.

The CAF12 is a very powerful 120mm case fan, which is well worth #the 15-16 (depending on where you buy it). The temperature drop justifies the price, and while you might be worried about the noise that is produced by the fan, we could not hear any serious audible difference. There was a slight increase in noise, but nothing too bad. Along with the fact that this cooler does not take up any expansion slots and that the chrome grills are supplied (the YSTech 120mm fan does not include the chrome grills), we thought it was also very good value for money. If there was any way we could attach more than one of these fans onto the cases we have here we certainly would. It's certainly one of the best case fans out there, and has very few (if any) bad points.