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If you've been anywhere near the Internet or a TV news broadcast over the past week or two you've almost certainly witnessed the furor created when a certain mobile phone retail giant took an already very attractive landline call package and combined it with free, unlimited broadband forever! Demand has been incredible and even the music from the advertisement looks like it might be released as a single!

That company is of course The Carphone Warehouse, Europe's leading independent retailer of mobile phones and services, with over 1,400 stores in 10 countries. If that sounds like pure marketing bull then fortunately this is one of those rather nice occasions where I can back it up with my own personal experiences having had at least three handsets from them and (touch wood) never having had a single cause to complain over any aspect of the service I've received. That's not to say they're perfect, any large company will, as defined by the laws of sod, have unhappy customers somewhere in their system, it's how they're dealt with that matters.

Today marks a bit of a milestone for the new UKGamer as this particular review signals the start of what we hope will be a long and fruitful collaboration to cast an eye over some of the biggest, smallest, best, worst, wackiest and most fashionable handsets in their lineup.

To avoid criticism I want to set out our stall right here. We have no intention of reviewing handsets down to the smallest technical detail. There are already dozens of specialist mobile communications websites, sites like GSM Arena for example, who do a fine job of that already without needing us to join the fray. Our intention is to look at each handset from the point of view of the regular user who wants to know if it works not how it works.

To kick of our new venture, what could possibly fit the bill better than to review yet another Carphone Warehouse exclusive? Not happy just to be offering one of the most popular phones on the market, they've taken it to the CPW boutique for a thorough makeover. The result? The D600 Chrome.

The D600 launched in Europe in October of 2005 and although it was clearly created to build on the success of the excellent D500, it also upped the ante by adding a slew of great features that weren't just there to pad out the spec sheet, they were actually worth paying for.

Weight (g): 103g
Size (height,width,depth): 96 x 46.5 x 21.5 (mm)
Talktime (Up to): 7 hrs
Standby time (Up to): 300 hrs
Operating frequency: Quad band
SMS: Yes
MMS: Yes
Display size: 240 x 320
Display colour depth: 262K
Address book memory: 1000
Phone memory: 81 MB
SAR level (W/Kg): TBC
Vibration alert: Yes