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You can't fail to have noticed the recent explosion in satellite navigation systems on the market, sparked almost certainly by the rapidly falling prices and improving accuracy. While the big players like Garmin and TomTom have the lion's share of sales due to their brand awareness, there are an increasing number of lesser known alternatives to choose from. Of course the old dilemmas remain, do you try a new name and possible get more for your money as they try to make an impact or do you stick with the old, trusted names with a proven track record? It's a situation that a million iPod buyers have probably faced.

Today I want to look at an auto-based SatNav system from newcomers NOVOGO, a company who seem reluctant to release a great deal of information about themselves, although a quick check on domain name showed them to be a part of the Novomax group. Unfortunately Novomax's site isn't exactly overflowing with facts about the company or its history either.

There are several models in NOVOGO's range including the compact "t" series, the slightly better specified "A" series and the trendy, voice-activated "V" series, and its one of their "V" series models I'm looking at today.

The V30 is the most basic of the four "V" series range which comprises of the V30, V50, V70 and V90. The main unit remains the same throughout the range with the differences being down to the inclusion of a TMC traffic report function and a remote controller on some models.

Key Features
+Take out-of-the-Box and Go!
+Intuitive user interface that allows anyone to get to his destination with only a few taps on the screen
+Navigation via voice command: Ready to go? Just simply say the name of your destination and don't need to input the address manually from time to time
+Sleek & fashionable design that brings a whole new experience to the GPS navigator
+Changeable color face plate: Choose the favorite color for you and your car. The Novogo V series provides you the blue, green, silverˇKand many more
+Elegant carrying bag that offers a complete protection of your Novogo
+Regional map or continental map preloaded on the SD memory card
+Latest NAVTEQ Map Data
+Door to Door Route Planning
+Up to 400 different voice instructions that explicitly tells the driving actions turn-by-turn with loud and clear voice instructions.
+Real time calculated direction arrow: the direction arrow displayed on the screen that tells the right turn to take which corresponds to the real road intersections with exact direction and turning angle
+SiRF Star III 20 channel GPS receiver
+2D/3D navigation: toggle the map between 2D and 3D viewing mode
+Fastest or Shortest routing options that allows you to choose between the most time saving or fuel efficient way
+Car type options: select the vehicle type among car, motorcycle or pedestrian mode
Routing criteria: choose to permit or avoid driving through the motorway, toll road and ferry
+Signpost information that shows the real signpost on the screen and makes you well prepared for the right lane miles ahead
+Speed limit warning that shows the speed limit of most road sections and gives an audio warning when exceeding the speed limit
+Multi-language support
+Removable Li-ion battery that eliminates the problem of the battery life
+Professional Car Docking Station

Technical Specifications
3.5ˇ¨ color TFT LCD (240x 320) with touch screen function
SiRF Star III 20 channel GPS receiver with flip up antenna
Support external 2nd antenna via MMCX connector
Support SD memory card & CF Type II memory card
Built in loud speaker, microphone and audio jack
Universal AC Adapter and cigarette lighter charger
Mini USB port to connect with PC
Removable, rechargeable Li-ion Battery