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Apple aren't the only company to launch a new phone this summer. Although the second (or should that be third?) coming is still three weeks away for most of the World, Sony Ericsson decided to release information about their upcoming models.

At an event in London's up-market Mayfair district, SonyEricsson released five new models each aimed at different market segments. The most exciting model launched today was the C905 featuring a 8.1 megapixel camera. SonyEricsson are so confident of its capabilities that they were displaying printed images on A4 for us to gaze at. Not happy with that, they then took the phone's M2 memory card, plugged it into a PlayStation 3 and displayed the pictures on a 40-inch LCD television. Quite frankly the pictures were stunning, even in low light (thanks to a speedy 2.8 aperture lens).

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The C905 reminds us a lot of Nokia's E65 and both devices feel very similar in your hand. The phone is chunky and weighs around 130 grams. The weight itself isn't a problem, in fact it might just be a blessing in disguise, allowing you to take steady shots easier. The thickness is about normal for a compact camera of the current generation. The Xenon flash is bright, with enough oomph to brighten two metres or so. Face detection also features as does auto focus and auto contrast; which is more akin to an auto exposure setting. A 2Gb Memory Stick Micro (M2) card will be included with the phone.

Aside from its camera the C905 is a fully featured device with a GPS receiver along with assisted GPS. The C905 and the C905a are HSDPA compatible while a third incarnation, the C905c, is restricted to quad band GSM. The handset will be released sometime around September to October with prices and networks yet to be released.

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Similar in some ways to the C905 is the S302 which is meant for less rigorous shooting duties. The slim phone finished in chrome is certainly a looker and in my view the one I would have. The 2 megapixel camera is perfectly fine if you want to put your snaps up on Facebook or MySpace while the look and feel of the S302 is very smart. Although internal memory is somewhat lacking at 20Mb, it does sport an M2 slot so expansion is trivial. The S302 is what would be termed a 2.5G device with support for EDGE but not HSDPA. Weighing in at a shade under 80 grams the S302 is a featherweight snapper.

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Other models launched today include the F305 which is a gaming orientated device. The interesting aspect of this model is that it's trying to be a mobile Wii. The three games included are played by hand motion with another seven on their way. While I find it hard to see people throwing their phone in public (though a wrist strap will be included) gesturing towards throwing a bowling ball, it is an interesting concept and one that is more original than Nokia's ill-fated nGage system.

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SonyEricsson J132   SonyEricsson K330

Finally, two budget models were launched the J132 and the K330. The J132 goes up against devices such as Motorola's F3 by providing very basic functionality within a solidly built body. The rounded candybar device feels chunky and comfortable in your palm. The only luxury it sports is an FM radio. The K330 is a phone in similar vein, however comes with the addition of a 0.3 megapixel camera.

Clearly the headline grabber is the C905. If you are thinking of buying a compact camera to take places where the bulk of an SLR just isn't capable, then the C905 may just be the one. It's not a messaging phone so heavy emailers aren't going to like it. However with ample storage and from the sample shots printed on traditional photo paper and blown up to A4, the quality really is very impressive. As for the mid-range S302, I personally found this an attractive proposition for those wanting a slim handset with a fairly decent point and shoot camera. However the SonyEricsson phone everyone is waiting for is the XPERIA X1. Lets just hope the pricing is favourable.