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A sticky situation

Product : Frag Tape
# Price : 3.70 (Price includes VAT and delievery)
Available from : The Overclocking Store
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When you try and attach heatsinks onto video cards or motherboard chipsets, it becomes hard to find a way to hold them in place. Before Frag Tape was available we used to mix super glue with thermal paste to create a semi-solution to this problem. However when the super-glue would set, it would create round balls of thermal paste and the contact between the heatsink and the processor core would not be very good (let alone secure). Now that Frag Tape is finally available in the UK, overclockers can rest in peace when thinking of attaching a new heatsink onto their VGA card or motherboard chipset.

The Frag Tape is sold in tapes of 5 patches. Each patch is big enough to easily cover a Celeron core fully and can be cut down to size for smaller processors (such as chipsets). The Frag Tape isn't meant to be used to bond CPUs to their heatsinks, but in our experiment we thought we'd put it to the limit and fitted it onto a Celeron 300a which was running at 450. Since heatsinks for these are quite hard to find, we attached an original Intel heatsink. We knew these worked fine when the Celeron was at 450MHz, however that was with normal thermal paste and proper mounting.

Once placing the piece of frag tape (which is pre-cut) onto the processor itself, the heatsink was placed on the tape and firmly pushed down. Since the Frag Tape already has thermal compound, no extra was needed or added. No super glue or any other bonding material was added.

We were expecting to see a slight difference in performance between when the heatsink is attached with the Frag Tape and when it is mounted using the retainer.


We expected to see a slight decrease in performance using the frag tape, however with only 3 degrees difference we were surprised to see how well the Frag Tape performed, it managed to stay close to the normally retained heatsink.


In our tests we put the Frag Tape through tough experiments. We used it to attach a heatsink onto a CPU and even then it performed very well. The Frag Tape is not made for use with CPUs but for chipset cooling and VGA card cooling, so from the evidence we found here, we find no hesitation in recommending this product for use in any cooling situation.

The Frag Tape really has made attaching heatsinks to any processor very viable and easy. With the price being so competitive too, it is within reach of every overclocker. A must have tool which should be found in every overclocker's toolbox.

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