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Product : Thermaltake "Blue" Orb chipset cooler
#: 8.81 (Price includes VAT)
from : The Overclocking Store
reviews : [Globalwin CAF12]-[2 Cool PC]
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made a huge name for itself when they launched their Golden ORB cooler which was for use with the Socket 370 Celeron processor. The Golden ORB had looks and the performance to match. Even with it's single fan design it managed to compete head to head with some of the best coolers on the market (Alpha's PAL6035 and Globalwin's FDP32), even though it wasn't the best of the best, it easily beat them both on looks.

efficient design was something Thermaltake knew they had to port to different coolers, which they did. At first they expanded the Golden ORB range, making ORBs for Slot A and Slot 1 processors. The "Blue" chipset ORB came out about the same time as the Socket A "Chrome" ORB.

Blue ORB is for use with VGA card cores and chipsets. Cooling the chipset had been overlooked by the overclocker (no pun intended) for a long time and once it was seen that cooling the chipset could result in better MHz gains from your processors it was quickly leapt upon by the overclocking community. However there wasn't a good chipset heatsink available on the market, and many people had to get Frag tape (reviewed here) and an old 486 heatsink/fan.

called the Blue ORB for obvious reasons, but we think it looks more purple than blue, however it's still a nicer colour than most things you find inside the computer.


stalling the Blue ORB isn't the hardest thing in the world, however there are a few things you have to know. Some of the older video card/chipsets don't have the holes drilled out of the PCB to have the spring loaded retainers, to accommodate for this, Thermaltake have included some very nice thermal adhesive which don't require the use of any further physical retainer devices.

your video card or chipset does have holes drilled out of the PCB for the spring loaded retainers, then installation is a much simpler task. It is still best to use thermal paste even when attaching hestsinks to video card cores/chipsets, so Thermaltake have supplied some the white stuff (we were unable to find out what exactly the goop was made out of) in a handy sachet. The fan comes with a 3 pin to 4 pin converter, so power shouldn't be a problem.

you have some of the Arctic Silver thermal paste (reviewed here) then you might want to use that, however for our tests we used the sachet of thermal goop that came with the ORB. Thermaltake has been known to supply good grease with their heatsinks previously and we thought we might as well check it out.

should be commended for covering nearly every situation, and the amount of extras they provided.

g chipset temperature is a tricky task and unreliable, so we thought we'd stick to the high frequency Maxi Gamer Xentor Ultra which is based on the TNT2 Ultra core. This card was the highest clocked TNT2U available on the market and we wanted to see if we could push it any higher.

compared the Blue ORB over the heatsink that was supplied with the Xentor Ultra. We were expecting to see an improvement, and so we did.

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align="left"> ot much of a surprise here, however it is worth pointing out that these are the temperatures when Quake 3 was looping Demo 1 (yup, we left the machine looping demos all day).


Blue ORB is certainly a very neat and well made product. It's performance is certainly high and it does the job it was made to do without much trouble. The Blue paintwork may not be to everyone's liking but generally Thermaltake have done a great job making this product, and it even comes in retail packaging which is quite rare for products aimed for overclockers.

might not find that cooling their VGA card or chipset doesn't bring them much gains, then this product isn't for them, however for the vast mass of people that do require this, it is a very capable product worthy of it's price.