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Week 1 - 7/2/2000
The UKCCL gets off today, with UKGamer starting it's coverage. We at the moment are looking for dedicated people to help us cover as much of this league as we can. If you are interested mail us!

Tonight we'll cover the division 1 games, which promise to raise eyebrows. With the clash of some of the best Quake World clans (4 Kings, Demonic Core - the winners of the last 3 UKCL seasons) among the Quake 2 titans (Unreal and Eat Electric Death).

We will relay to you full game analysis as soon as it happens, so stick around.

Day 1 (7th Feb) fixtures - Division 1

Demonic Core (DC) 4 Kings (4K) LoD Bored With Life (BwL)
Unreal (UNR) Eat Electric Death (EED) S Wanted Dead (WD)

Demonic Core v Unreal

I caught up with Maverick after the game to ask him his views on what happened on the DC side :-
It was a disaster :/

We had a good practise with 4k just before; were raring to go.

UNR got the bfg start and held it for a while, building up a nice lead. By the time we got it we were quite far behind and had to chase the game, because we were chasing it we couldn't keep the bfg room secure and lost it several times, tho UNR didn't manage to hold it in the end we lost by 6 frags I think.
Bored With Life v Wanted Dead

With this being an all French affair, I spoke to cereal about it :-
Well, it went easly for us. WD were missing 2 important players. Basically ownage for us