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FFA Predictions
FFA 1 - Rocket8, Smile, Z.Dekkard, BG, Billox, Courier, Fusion, Death2Mullets.
Not heard of a lot of people here, but then again, I'm not the number one source of knowledge on some of the more obscure Q2 players. I'd say Billox and Dekard will take this rounds top spots, with Rocket8 qualifying, but I'm afraid to say I'm not sure about the rest.
FFA 2 - Erazer, Rasher, Ride, Silent, Yeti, IcingDeath, Acronym, Wicket.
Quite a strong group here, from which three seem reasonably easy to pick, Ride, Silent and Wicket. The fourth is a little more of an open game, but I'd place my vote here on Acronym sneaking it, due to experience of playing in LPB conditions.
FFA 3 - Liquid, Neo.Veno, Killologist, Duellist, FS.Angel, Oriental Hero, Blokey, The_Pope.
Another hard group to call, because I'm not aware of many of the players here. If Neo.Veno is a member of clan Neo, I would expect him to come through, Angel looks in with a good shout too. The only easy call to make here is Blokey, it would be a major upset if he was put out at this stage from this round.
FFA 4 - Harlequin, Jayz, WTF.Ade, Struddles, Z.Herring, Aerotek, Kajun, Requiem.
Aerotek if he has been practicing away in secret like I expect should do well from this group, Jayz and Struddles should also qualify, but again, the fourth qualifier really is too close to call.
FFA 5 - SumFucka, Namistai, Acquiesce, Mace, Nightwing, Execute, DC.War18, Gutboy.
This is the group of death, and fairly easy to call. Assuming the practice levels in private have been kept up, Nightwing, Acquiesce and War18 should bring home a very strong showing for the Demonic Core. I suspect the next sport will go to Mace or Execute, but as with so many of the fourth place positions this is a hard one to call. Bad luck to anyone that came hoping for a lucky draw and ended up here.
FFA 6 - WorldDomination, Kaine, Helta, Kalliath, CAT.Protoss, Crystaltips, The Gimp, Varies
Another group to which a few of the players aren't well known names to me. I suspect Kalliath will come out convincingly on the top of the pile, and that CrystalTips will do the woman proud and come through and qualify. Kaine I would also suspect to make it, but tbh, the fourth spot I could only guess about.
FFA 7 - EvilPete, Meths, Smirnoff, Al, The-DR, SabreJack, SS.Mozilla, MrMauve.
Expect to see SS.Mozilla qualify from here, but I can't be sure about the other players. MrMauve's long time quake experience could well see him through as well, and if DR is the former OH and ]0[ DR, and since he was from London its possible, I would expect him to make it too.
FFA 8 - Beero The Zero, LawBringer, UNR.Luke, Vampire, The Chojin, Mobius, Vegan eater, IQ.
Oh dear, a particularly hard group to call, simply because I really don't know any of the players from here, and some of the ones I do know, such as Lawbringer, wouldn't be offended by me saying aren't the worlds foremost exponents of competitive quake. UNR.Luke should take the top spot without difficulty, the other three spots I'm afraid are a case of rolling some dice.

We will be posting further coverage, come Sunday when the games will be happening. Barrysworld are also planning to have QuakeTV running to watch the event live.

If you live near London, and want to get down in person, see the website of the venue, The Playing Fields.

The winner of this whole event gets a free trip to the states, to play in The CPL's, RazorCPL event. They also win $500 in cash, and get a bye through the FFA qualifiers. The prize pot at the finals is a staggering $100,000. We will of course follow the fortunes of the UK qualifier winner at the RazorCPL tournament, as well as any other Europeans that win other qualifiers, or pay their own way.