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I arrived at i3 early, partly because coming from Scotland would make it very hard to arrive on time on the Friday without flying, and partly because I was expecting to have to help out with setting a few things up. Got a Taxi from Swindon station to the Football ground, which was only about 5mins down the road. Got into the event itself, and the staff were frantically running around taping RJ45 to the roofs, and unpacking lots of the nice kit that IBM had so nicely provided.

Next to arrive were the crowd coming from Wales, Jak, Treznor, Sniper and Lucifa. We decided it would be a good idea to go out and get something to eat, but that proved rather difficult, as in terms of hard "notes and coins" style cash, none of us had very much, and the only cash point we could find at this time out night broken. In the end managed to scramble enough money together to get a meal out of the burger king that was just across the road from the venue itself, and must have done very good trade this weekend.

Then we all headed back to the event to get a nice sleep before getting up bright and early the next day .... Okay then, we stayed up all night playing The Sims, which is a game that is so silly you just can't put it down. I finally layed down the sleeping back and prepared to sleep at the end of the day, where as Treznor didn't, and you could see it on his face on Friday.