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Let There Be A Champion
On Sunday April 9 the UK was exposed to the first PC Gamer UT championship at LAN Arena in Mega Bowl, Nottingham. With all 512 slots registered before hand the event was set to be the biggest LAN event Nottm had ever seen.

Lets Set the Scene

Kick-off was estimated to be around 10:00am when registration would start. The venue, LAN Arena which is actually in Mega Bowl which has arcades, bowling ally's, a Wimpy and a massive bar upstairs. LAN Arena have a network of 32 Athlon 800's all equipped with Voodoo3 3000's and Logitech Mice which most gamers use.

The whole idea was to entertain people even while they were not playing. Two huge projectors kept the players informed at all times. One displaying player names and times of their games. While the other projector was acting as a 'spectator' in the games. Music was provided by the excellent DJ Tempest and the SubSpace gang. While whoever dared to drink and play could be found at the bar, drinking beer and watching the game progress from the projectors.

The setup
The setup

I enjoy queueing
I enjoy queueing

As we turned up at 10:30am the queue was already backing into Megabowl as you can see below, credit goes to Wazzerphuk of UT System for the pic :). As expected only 280 of the 512 pre-registered gamers turned up but they brought along well over 100 spectators. The day was set to be a fun packed frag fest with gamers sharing their thoughts on each game.

#However lets not forget the fact that everyone was playing for the money. With #2500 going to the winner and then #1000, #600 and #300 for second, third and fourth, but that's not all, the rest of the top 8 would walk away with 150 each and everyone that enters got a free goodie bag with t-shirts and posters in, along with a certificate and a PC Gamer badge.

I always find being in a crowd of people who share the same interests as you an exhilarating experience, whether it is in a football stadium or simply playing in at a LAN.

- Peace Disrupter

Players from all over turned up to take part including Matrix from America. Of course the Eurogamer and PC Gamer team attended who mixed with the crowd and had a all round good time. Attending in our group were Peace_Disrupter, Gambitt, Daishi, QED, Duellist, Spizzy, GuLdaN and ZenTek.