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And Were off!!!
Phew what a week, talk about a hectic start, but well we got their in the end. 1stly I'd like to thank all my admins that helped out (You know who u are), My isp for being very twatish, Barrysworld for supplying the servers and of course the teams for turning up, well most of them ;p

We had 7 games scheduled for this week (the XZ v BOG game has been put back untill next week) and out of the 7 games we got 4 and a half underway. With 1 default and 1 team leaving the mcw on the 1st night, the team in question being Fatal Error, due to this I am currently seeking one more team. So all in all I think it was quite a success full week with some great games.

In div 1 their were only 2 games pld, well 1 and a half really. These being DN v WH and an exceptinal game in UN v U.

The 1st game of the new campaign Involved the mighty Denial facing the wrath of War-Hammer, well in theory anyway. What un-folded was serious connect problems for WH-Siccissors thus meaning that WH would only have 2 players to play. As we all know this number is not allowed, but due to sportsmanship from denial (who had 4) they pld with 3. So the line-up was Denial with, Sheep,Oppy,Flopz and Kara droping to spectate. Against Guardian and Funnyman of War Hammer. As you can imagine the heavyweights ( No not WH) were quickly able to use their extra man and experiance to great advantage and ran out comfortable winners, with some great shows from Sheep. But dont disregard WH as they had the sportsmanship to play on and will learn from their mistakes.

Now the other game in div1 was with the only forgein clan in the MCW, Unspoken and the mystery which is U. Now this game was already being billed as a title decider and it sure was fought like one, the fact that it was won by only 6 frags says it all. The teams lined up as follows. Armageddon,Speed,Dreama and Bond versus one of the best HPW teams in sweden with Sphere adding a touch of belgium. Baddas,Sect and Xalibur making up the 4. As soon as the game started Armageddon and Speed fell back into their old habbits and ignored their age and lack of practice, due to this they quickly took a good lead. Even to the point were I thought they were going to take the game easily. But then they came back to ground with a bump, with their lack of praccy catching up with them and fast. This was due to an amazing effort by sphere to turn the game around. At this point the game could have gone either way, with the 4 main dictators being sphere,arma,speed and Baddis respectivly. But with time running out fast UN managed to pip U to the post by 6 frags. I would recommend getting the demo pak for this game alone.

The following night Div 2 kicked off with a bang. This time with 3 games out of the 4 taking place (due to the fact of Fatal error folding). So the games to be pld were, the newbie element which is PI V RASV a team which I highley regarded. RC v NADS was the 2nd on the card, followed by TSR V NWA.

The opening tie off the night was the clash of PI v RASV, now in my opionion this was going to be a fairly routine outing for rasv, teaching the newbie's a lesson in tp. But boy was I wrong, little did anyone know that PI had managed to pull of one of the signing coups of the season by getting krass's brother Permanent on board, easily a player of div1 class and at one point I thought it was an alias.
The teams lined up as follows, PI with Permanent,Pinger,Arrowana,YelloGlass, against that off Wanderer,Desbo,Sandstorm,????. As you can see from the screen shot permanent with his 66 frags made the difference in the score of 91-20 in PI's favour. Could he be the key to their promotion push?