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Oversleep, and the First Two Games.
After a weekend and a night of total personal disaster, I overslept and failed to turn up in time to report on game 1, Slovenia vs Belgium, which was won in two games by Belgium, apparently quite comfortably.

The first really big game of the day was next though, with group 1 favourites Russia and Finland playing head to head. Finland has already beaten Russia in the online stages of the BWEC, but as we all know, a LAN with a totally level playing field is totally different, and different it turned out to be.

Finland picked the first map, and on Dm7 Russia had the better of the scrapy early exchanges, before managing to get control around the 4 min mark. Russia continued to control the area for much of the map, and built up a useful lead, before on the 13min quad, loosing control of the RA area to a single mad Fin with a quad and a plasma gun. Russia then made a tactical withdrawl from the RA area, and Finland perhaps were a bit cautious in generally leaving three men on the RA, and not chasing the russians down for the frags they would need to catch up.

Map two, and Russia picked Dm14(tmp). This is a larger map and needs more in the way of teamplay than dm7, for which the tactics are fairly obvious. Again, the early exchanges were scrappy, with neither team establishing dominance, which was pretty much the pattern for the entire game.

Overall, both teams were fairly evenly matched, but Russia look a far better oiled machine than Finland, with the team coach being employed to far better effect. This will be due to the two weeks of solid lan practice they have put in before this tournament, and clearly they are a force to be reckoned with. Finland now realisticly need to defeat both England and Ireland to secure a spot in the semi-finals, where, if my predictions hold true, they will play a local Derby game against Sweden.

Results :-

Slovenia 171 - 126 Belgium [Q3DM6]
Slovenia 131 - 72 Belgium [Q3DM14(tmp)]

Russia 151 - Finland 124 [DM7]
Russia 129 - Finland 114 [DM14]