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Babbages CPL qualifier (12/00) - FFA predictions
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With Quake 3 Arena being out for near enough a year now, the top players have had their time to practise and really hone their skills, learning new tricks on maps and mastering their knowledge of getting around a map. The CPL qualifier will be held at the Playing Fields, which now has it's own 2mbit line. The Playing Fields have had experience of running these type of events before and very few, if any complaints have been made against their organisation of these events.

The initial stages will be free for all rounds, which consist of 8 groups of 8 players. The FFA (Free for All) will last for 15 minutes on the modified Q3DM12 map, so it will be a battle of stamina as well as fragging power. The FFA placings will determine the player seedings in the duel rounds.

Group 1 - Timber, Dr.Shigs, -UNR- Kalliath, Varies, -Z- Ionbroo, Jig, Lawn[]mower, TwisterV2
Timber being seeded as 1, and having won the last qualifier, along with bags of experiance in tournament situations is my favourite to win this FFA round. It would be a very big upset should he not make it through to the duel stages. His clan-mate, Kalliath should qualify without any troubles. Ionbroo and Dr.Shigs should make up the top 4 places in this group.

Group 2 - Dr. Comatosed, Zoser, -UNR- Bl0key, Duellist, -AA- Anaardvark, Immy, Marvin, Sugar Plum Hippo
Another good group which should see Blokey go through without any hiccups, Zoser should also follow him, unless something dramatic happens. Anaardvark should come through, however the 4th place could go to anyone. No real upsets expected here.

Group 3 - [Hood]Namistai, Sky, [SS]Mekon, Acronym, -UNR- Luke, Herring, Meths, Strudles
This is a tough group to predict on, however Clan Unreal's Luke (who is seeded #3) should go through without much trouble, Namistai and Mekon should bring up the top 3 in this group. The other players will fight over whats left.

Group 4 - DC.Tek, -UNR- Shan, atomix, Fragster, 4K^Silent, Mrhouse, [SS]Doomzday, Logan
Silent (seeded #4) should go through to the final stages of this competition, and with his experience, this FFA round shouldn't pose much trouble to him. Tek should also go through, however it will be nice to see friendly rivalry between the 4Ker and the DCer. Clan Unreal's Shan should also be there along with Doomzday, if they have been practising. This is one of the easier groups to forecast (he says).

Group 5 - 4K^Relic, GeN, Mr Mauve, Bloodangel, Fragmeister, Murdoch, [Hood]Requiem, Spor
Relic's high profile move to 4K from Hood should make this an interesting game to watch. However Relic insists there is no bad feelings between himself and the members of Hood. Requiem seeded #5, is expected to do well, and might have some pressure put on him, his experience should come in handy however. The rest of the group is harder to decide on, however GeN and Mr Mauve's experience in events should help them, however everyone will be pushing hard to get a high seeding in the next round so anything could happen.

Group 6 - Liquid, [SS]Nocode, [EQ]-Rocket8, Buckaroo, ELIJ, POTZW-Kamthra, Spod, nEo*ranger
A group with a lot of experience here, and without doubt another easy one to forecast. If form holds up, the top two positions should be fought over by Ranger and Liquid. Both have performed well in previous CPL qualifiers, and should make it through to the latter stages of the duel competition. The last two spots should be taken up by Rocket8, who again has experience of the atmosphere and pressure, along with Nocode. However an eye should be kept out for Kamthra, who might sneak in at 4th.

Group 7 - Wicket, 4K^Atomic Jam, Hell, Cold Fusion, Dayglosnail, Ra1lor, Splidge, DC.Mozilla
Another good balanced group, top honours are hard to predict here, while Mozilla and Atomic Jam are expected to fight it out for top spot. Hell and wicket should be in the top 4 without much hassle.

Group 8 - Razzo, Dr.Rauper, Cro, Crystaltips, Schizoid, Smile, -UNR- Pumpkin, nEo*Veno
The only female in the competition, Crystaltips has a tough game on her hands. Pumpkin of clan Unreal should win this group without much trouble, with Veno coming second. Smile in my view should come third, and everyone has a chance to come fourth in this group. It should be a good game, and hopefully "old skool" Crystaltups will get far :)

I made a slight mistake in the first edition, in which I thought that the top 4 in each FFA group went through, however everyone goes through, but FFA placings will decide seedings, so obviously you still don't want to be last in your group, but it's not a must-win situation. My apologies for the confusion caused, I have ammended the article to reflect this, however my predictions remain the same.

Update - Friday 01 December (06.32)

I got an email from TPF's Sney, who deals with their PR and various other bits to do with the whole "experiance", and he pointed out something quite interesting. In group 4 we have Logan, who is not mentioned in my predictions, but Sney pointed out that he has been practising at the playing fields for the last few days and that he gave Sujoy a run for his money in duels.

Could this mean there is an upset on the cards...?