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UK Gamer Quake 3 DM pak
body "The UK Gamers ‘Best of Quake3 DM Custom Map Pak’ has arrived. As the name suggests the pak contains 9 of the best maps designed by independent map makers. These maps were chosen from a total of 173 others so they really must be pretty good. They were chosen mainly for their gameplay and to a lesser extent their graphics. Some of them have bugs but frankly it’s very hard to avoid this unless you have a huge testing team behind you and even then bugs still creap in, for example the ‘hide in wall’ bug on Q3DM9. The bugs don’t detract in any way from the gameplay anyway. These maps are best played over a LAN or the Net but bots work well on all of them.

You can download the pak at the bottom of the screen. Heres the maps which are in the pak:


By Paul ""Peej"" James
One of the best maps in terms of both gameplay and graphics I've ever seen. It's fairly small and perfectly balanced.
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Grey Matter

By Zippie
Not the best map in terms of graphics but the gameplay is fantastic. Theres some bugs but play this map with any amount of people and it's guaranteed to be a very good game.
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Agony & Ecstasy

By Adam ""Senn"" Bellefeuil
More of a tall map than a large one. Pretty graphics and well balanced weapons placing make this map one of the best. The Rocket Launcher owns this one.
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A Shadow Lost

By Charon
This is one seriously good map. It's big with some great graphics and those pulsing things from Q3DM4. Recomended for 5+ people/bots.
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By Reece ""Orion"" Thomas
Its medium sized and as you can see by the pic it's blue. Great map for gameplay and the mist filled underground bit is laugh.
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By Vondur
It's got lifts which the bots can work! Seriously good map, possibly the best here, graphicly and gameplay wise.
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PQ Arena

By BugBear
Another contender for best map. This map sports truly beautiful graphics and excellent gameplay.
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Fog n Hell

By Matt Sefton
Medium sized map with a very nice central point around a mist filled pit with fleshy columns supporting the roof. Bots have a slight problem on this map but nothing too serious.
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By Wiebo de Wit
This is one big map. An absolute must play but make sure you have a fair few bots running. Forcedrawmodels is extremely useful for this map.
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The map pak is 10.9MB in size and worth every byte in my opinion. We have two local (UK) mirrors. We will get some more ASAP. Get it from:

Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3
Installation: Open the zip file and run the ukgdmpak1.exe file from inside winzip. The .exe file will ask where you want the pak extracted to. You must put it in you baseq3 directory. If you installed Q3 to it's default diretory you need not make any changes. To play the maps simply go to single player, skirmish, and flick through until you find the maps. They will after the iD ones that came with the game. The maps also appear in the Team Deathmatch and Tourney menus.

Mirroring: If you link to this file link to this page not the individual files. Feel free to put it on your own FTP's but tell me so I can link the FTP here. If puting it your news link to this page, the UKG main page and please make sure you stress that all the credit for these maps goes to the authors. Thank you. "