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Brand New Oni Shots
Here are some brand new screenshots taken from the PC version of Oni, an upcoming action fighting game from Take 2 Interactive and the infamous Bungie. A demo has already been released and after a quick run through the tutorial and first level I was quite impressed.

Set in 2032 you play as Konoko, a feisty Lara-ish action hero and one woman fighting army. To help her along the way is a killer list of kung-fu moves and a couple of hand held weapons. The control system is quite awkward at first but the tutorial shows you the basics and you are soon kicking, jumping, dashing and grappling around the level - naturally filled with oodles of crates - and beating the crap out of the evil workmen (?). The graphics, especially the modelling and animation of Konoko is pretty damn smooth.

Oni is due for release on PC in January and PS2 in February and expect in the full release:
  • 17 realistic levels designed by real architects
  • Innovative Full Contact Action combat system
  • Interpolated animations for fluid movement and responsive controls
  • Hundreds of unique characters
  • Compelling anime-inspired plot
  • In-game cut scenes and 2D anime sequences flesh out the story

-- sambolc