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Here you will basically find my views throughout the beta and probably into the retail version of the game. I will also include strategies, mini-battle reports and unit guides/information.

Whats this some content? - 18:03 on June 24

Wow it feels like forever since I've updated this html page but since the game has been public for a few days now I thought I'd post this up, and I don't really care if no one reads it. I've mainly kept this "diary" so I could think about different aspects of Dark Reign 2 and typing about it does help, and I also get to look over how newbish I was :) Anyway I've decided to post up my first unit info/guide and its on JDA Infantry. Later on in the week I'll add more unit information/guides and also add some strat guides.

Enjoy, if you spot a mistake just contact me.

Playing on the bigger maps - 21:23 on June 13

So I didn't play any dr2 yesterday I've been really busy with exams and no doubt will be for the next week or so.

Recently I've noticed that people are stupid, I find it quite easy to fool the opposition into thinking I have more units than I actually do, I started to tech only building a few lvl1 units when I go caugt by a rush when I quickly put up a tower and fended the rush off. After this I quickly amassed a small force and then moved away from my base and into an area I knew he would pass. I just held ground here and kept knocking out his units that were passing by, I then proceeded to send all my force to attack his expansion which I managed however my second attack failed, here I see his ally appear with lots of unit many more than I had, but instead of moving onto my base to counter he just stands there and scouting showed he then walked back.

I think people are a bit too scared to attack incase they loose everything and have to build up so they would rather just stand around a tower and think everything is safe. Because these guys were playing like this it allowed to to take most of the expands and just push slowly with many more units against their expands. I think the resource system means players play for stalemates? :(

More 2v2 with Gapz - 22:29 on June 11

I've played two more 2v2's with this geezer called Gapz both on 4city again. We had one very close game, which lead to me loosing most of my main base. Basically we had the centre held quite well and I had one big turret guarding my two side entrances, both of which had kept getting hit quite hard. The first attack came very early on when a load of Rumblers appeared in my base when I only had 3 Enforcers but since the Enforces couldn't be hit I quickly killed about 8 Rumbers loosing only a construction rig and taking a little damage to my command centre. This was the main reason for the turrets. Next came a nice attack from the other side consisting of a few GoGo's and Rumblers which did cause me some grief as I lost most of my defending force and was saved by my ally as he send some Assault bots in to help out. The game continued like this with myself loosing more and more on each attack wave and eventually I lost everything but a few solar arrays and my barracks, although I did have my collectors and refineries in the centre guarded by a few towers.

Meanwhile Gapz advanced upon blue and proceeded to take out his main while I rebuilt about 3 barracks and started to pump non-stop Castigar's. We then moved onto the yellows base and started to lay waste to that with the help of a few concussion bombs. It was a close game but in the end I had about 30 Castigars and could hold off any attack from the resource deficient blue and yellow. Naturally we won. It was a good game and I now tend to build a nice force of Castigars since they can take a lot of punishment.

One thing about the JDA's airstrikes is the power and usefulness of them, I can see myself in the future using them more and more and finding it harder to decide upon which to build each time. Mines can be used as spotters, Assault Bots are good when attacking large groups or attacking towers before sending in your force, EMP is good if you opponent goes mass metal (Someone did it to me :) and Concussion Bomb's just own everything in sight :) Maybe there is some balancing to be done but I haven't seen too many mojo's lately apart from the big baron thing that kills most stuff in one hit and has lots of health but its AI isn't brilliant. So maybe something will be done to weaken JDA air-strikes.

Just own the map :) (look at minimap)
F6 + Num8 View :)

Best 2v2 yet! - 16:27 on June 11

I just had one of my best 2v2's so far in this game. It was myself and a guy named Gapz on 4city. We basically decided to take the centre and therefore stop the other guys from taking their regen patches. We did this using turrets mainly which are very powerful against light men. Next I teched to Castigars (really good vs anything but anti-men stuff) and a few Growlers and Mastiff's which can hold and push easily. From there it was a matter of getting air strike mines and using them as spotters for the Mastiff's. I just carried on doing this unit I maxed out my unit supply.

By this time my ally had some air units and we began to move slowly into the enemy taking down everything. I started to use concussion bombs too which are very powerful (like the nuke in sc). We won easily because we had the whole of the centre and just starved the enemy.

Holding the map seems to be the key factor in dr2 since the minerals can run out so quickly therefore expanding fast and guarding them with a few towers is a must. I also tried out the teleporter for JDA which is very cool, load in your men and then select a piece of viewable map to transport them to, however the men get transported in 6's and then it takes sometime for the teleporter to power up again. But I believe you can also send your men back through which allows you to quickly hit and run.

One strategy I have found good vs JDA is Enforcer and Rover rush since many people forget about anti-air early game (the JDA turret is ground only unlike the Sprawlers), this worked quite well since you can mass these units very quickly and hit the opponent by surprise.

Enforcer vs JDA Turret - Need I say more?
Mastiff support btw :)
Rover and Enforcer Rush working nicely

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