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Mission: Humanity - The Next Big Thing In RTS ???

Mission: Humanity is a game set in the future. Earth is no more and the few remaining colonists have settled on an apparently barren alien planet, with an eye to taking over the other planets in the system. However, an alien race has also set its sights on the planet and its neighbours and the game mirrors the battles between the two species, with the humans fighting for survival and the aliens looking to implement a genocide programme. OK this sounds like your standard game plot, and there is nothing really amazing about it but it does set the storey fairly nicely and you now know what you have to do, so lets get down to the main guts of the game.

Essentially Mission Humanity is another RTS game which most people have seen before but it has a few nice tweaks to the gameplay. Instead of having a set series of missions you just have an overall objective. You start on one planet and have to move on and conquer others, and this is where the game starts to get interesting. Once you have conquered a new planet and move on to your next t just forget about them, you have to keep going back and checking your planets to make sure that everything is running smoothly. This brings a whole new dimension into the game and I think this will keep people up until the early hours making sure that all their planets are doing well and planning their next attack to expand their empire.

Another nice touch is in the actual game engine, gone are the days where you have a big square map that you uncover and then camp down in a corner waiting for the enemies to come to you the only way they can. In Mission: Humanity you are fighting on planets, and this is reflected in the in game engine. If you keep going up you will eventually go all the way round your planet and back to your base, this makes it that much harder to defend you base as the attack could come from any direction, and you cannot just build up one side of your base to hold the enemy at bay. Heres a couple of quotes from the Press Release at ECTS to explain it in more detail:

    The transferring of ores and resources is a key aspect, but also of note are s shapes, it is possible to walk from one side of the planet to another while on a reconnaissance mission. This also opens up a number of tactical possibilities. For example, pincer movements of vehicles and foot soldiers can be sent in a dual formation, while it also forces the player to consider the security of their base as it, too, can be attacked from all angles.

    Mission: Humanity is also one of the largest real-time strategy titles. With over 100 unit types - all of which can be upgraded - it has a level of depth that only becomes apparent as the player moves across the galaxy. The AI is also second-to-none, with the CPU automatically calculating the odds of missions and altering strategies accordingly. It also means the game can be played on a galaxy-wide scale, with the player overseeing the attack of several planets simultaneously!

Mission Humanity is going to be released in October and will be fully internet compatible so expect to start fighting each other online as soon as it comes out, and as soon as we get a copy of the game we will post a full review to let you know all about it.

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