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NovaLogic Ltd Releases Special Forces Sequel

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM (January 3rd, 2001) - Delta Force: Land Warrior, the third in NovaLogic's popular series of special forces action games, has mastered and will appear in retail stores throughout the United Kingdom on February 2nd 2001.

Built on a new graphics engine, Delta Force: Land Warrior uses the power of today's 3D accelerator cards to produce smoother, more attractive visuals while retaining the unique advantages of the voxel-based engines that drove the original Delta Force: Land WarriorT. The result is a game that gives players the best of both worlds: the long viewing distances and vast outdoor battlefields that distinguished the first two games, plus large, complex interior environments previously unseen in a Delta Force game.

Further realism is added by new weapon effects like reduced accuracy while walking or running, recoil, and even sniper scopes that are affected by a soldier's breathing. And Delta ForceT: Land WarriorT is the first title of its kind to offer an in-game save feature -- a major plus, considering the complexity and "one-shot-can-kill" realism of the game's 30 missions.

Also new for Land Warrior is the game's squad of five Delta ForceT veterans with their own diverse special abilities -- heavy weapons, demolitions, sniper, close-quarters combat, etc. -- boosting the game's realism and taking cooperative online play to a new level.

Another new feature brings an exciting element to Internet games played via NovaWorld> 2, the next generation of NovaLogic's online gaming service. In Delta ForceT: Land WarriorT, every player has a military rank based on his or her skill and experience. Players earn experience points as they eliminate enemy soldiers, capture flags, or rack up other achievements in any of seven different multi-player game types. Those experience points translate into promotions, which serve as a clear indication of where each player ranks among the world's best.

The ranking system also lets NovaLogic level the playing field by creating some arenas for low-ranking players only, ensuring that newcomers won't be overwhelmed by more skilled veterans. In turn, games that only allow high-ranking players to join will mean that the top online soldiers can always find a challenge equal to their skills.

Delta Force: Land Warrior supports as many as 32 players per game and features built-in voice communication via NovaLogic's Voice-Over-NetT technology. Local-area network support is also included for as many as 16 players.

NovaLogic Ltd is the European arm of NovaLogic, Inc. Founded in 1985, NovaLogic Inc. is a leading developer and publisher of entertainment software. Subsidiaries include NovaLogic Systems, based in the company's Calabasas, California, headquarters.


Delta Force: Land Warrior will be available from all good retail stores from February 2nd 2001 priced at a SRP of 29.99.

-- sambolc