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AMD's 850 MHz Duron processor

SUNNYVALE, CA - JANUARY 8, 2000 - AMD today introduced the 850MHz AMD Duron(tm) processor, again delivering innovative technology and a rewarding computing experience at an affordable price. With today's launch, and with the advent of UMA integrated graphics chipsets, AMD continues to enhance its reputation for delivering ideal solutions to value conscious PC shoppers.

Leading computer manufacturers including Compaq and Hewlett-Packard Company plan to offer systems based on the 850MHz AMD Duron processor. Compaq systems also were available for sale from Home Shopping Network this past weekend. In total, more than 100 computer manufacturers worldwide are delivering technology that lasts with AMD Duron processor-based systems. "As part of our ongoing commitment to provide the highest value to our customers, we are pleased to offer the new 850MHz AMD Duron processor. The AMD Duron processor delivers amazing performance for a wide range of consumer applications, including digital audio and video," said Brett Faulk, Director, Retail Desktop Product Marketing, Compaq Computer Corporation.

On Saturday, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Compaq systems featuring the 850MHz AMD Duron processor were sold during a live HSN broadcast from the show floor. "Our exclusive advance launches of computers with AMD processors have been arunaway hit with HSN viewers, selling well over 100,000 since their launch on the network over a year ago," said Jeff Taraschi, HSN's executive vice president of merchandising. "We can't think of a better venue than the CES to launch the new 850MHz AMD Duron processor." "Since its introduction last summer, the AMD Duron processor has fortified its position in the value PC market. With the 850MHz AMD Duron processor, and the availability of integrated graphics chipsets, AMD will help our customers offer the highest-performing AMD processor-based systems for the value space, spanning a wider range of prices than before," said Patrick Moorhead, vice president of marketing for the Computation Products Group at AMD.

Support for UMA Infrastructure Swells

The availability of Unified Memory Architecture, or UMA, integrated graphics chipsets is expected to enable PC manufacturers to provide AMD Duron processor-based systems for the entire range of sub-$1,000 price points. Already, VIA Technologies Inc. has announced its UMA-based KM133 chipset and SiS has announced its UMA-based SiS730s chipset, both supporting the Socket A infrastructure. UMA chipsets include the graphics processing engine on the chipset, removing the need for a stand-alone graphics card in the PC.

This integration helps PC manufacturers to reduce graphics costs, allowing them to provide richer configurations in the PC. AMD expect PCs featuring UMA graphics to be offered from Compaq, HP and other top manufacturers. "VIA is committed to supporting the rapidly growing momentum of the AMD Duron processor by providing a full range of cost-effective integrated chipset solutions, including the recently launched VIA Apollo KM133," said Wenchi Chen, President and CEO, VIA Technologies, Inc. Motherboard vendors also have heartily supported AMD with their Socket A infrastructure solutions. More than 200 Socket A motherboards that support AMD Athlon(tm) and AMD Duron(tm) processors, from more than 50 vendors, are available or in development.

Additionally, more than 40 motherboards featuring UMA graphics-based chipsets are in development. Among the vendors who have announced or who are planning to introduce motherboards based on Socket A, UMA chipsets this quarter are ASUS, Biostar, FIC, Gigabyte and Microstar (MSI). "MSI is dedicated to supporting low-cost motherboard solutions utilizing the latest integrated UMA chipsets," said Joseph Hsu, President, MSI . "With the release of the KM133M Pro and the new 850MHz AMD Duron processor, value conscious users can take advantage of high-end performance at an affordable price."


The 850MHz, 800MHz and 750MHz AMD Duron processors are priced at $149, $112 and $88 respectively, each in 1,000-unit quantities.