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Four hundred years ago, mainland Europe resounded to the sounds of bloody battles, as nations were created and fell, fortunes made and lost, and new military tactics were developed. It was war on an epic scale - and Cossacks: European Wars is the story of these wars and the men who waged them.

CDV Software Entertainment, fresh from its success with Sudden Strike, which recreates the battlefields of World War II, has now turned its attention to the colourful chaotic state of European allegiances in the 16th to 18th centuries.

Cossacks uses a real-time strategy game engine to pit 16 nations against each other, forming alliances, playing one off against the other, and employing mercenaries to do their dirty work. Each country has its own individual type of fighting units, specific architecture, and economic and military strengths. Britain rules the waves, naturally - so you can choose which state to play according to your own preferences.

When playing Cossacks, you will need to balance the demands of economic management with military prowess. While resource management at the micro-level is kept to a minimum, you will need to develop your community and acquire new technology in order to survive in the fast-changing post-Renaissance Europe.

Out in the field, territorial expansion will be your primary objective. Each nation has a full complement of land and sea forces and basic weaponry, and the unique 3D contoured terrain means that capturing high points is important and ambushes can be highly effective. The graphics show units in fine detail and the smooth animation means that the battles are stunning - if not terrifying - to watch as events unfold. Cossacks portrays battle on an epic scale - you can play with up to 8,000 units with no loss of game speed.

In single player mode, you can choose to play single missions, a full campaign or tackle the unique challenge thrown up by the random map generator. Mission scenarios are based on real historical battles and campaigns - how you plan your strategy is up to you.

The multi-player game supports up to seven players via a modem, local network or Internet and enables players to recreate actual battles, using realistic maps and authentic troop formations. Here, you can also play a more loosely structured game on the random map.

Cossacks: European Wars includes representations of over 85 battles from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, encompassing the English Civil War, Thirty Years War, and War For Spanish Succession among others. The wealth of historical data incorporated in the game has led the game's developer, the Ukrainian GSC Game World, to include a full encyclopaedia about the game and its military background on the CD-ROM.

European Wars: Cossacks will be released for PC CD-ROM on March 30, 2001. More information on the game can be found on the World Wide Web at

Game features:

  • Up to 8,000 units in a battle with no loss of speed
  • 16 rival nations
  • Reconstruction of real historical battles and wars
  • A huge technological hierarchy of more than 300 inventions and discoveries
  • Sophisticated military formations available
  • Huge maps up to 36x36 game screens at 1280x1024 resolution
  • Special effects - smoke, fog, explosions, buildings' burning, explosion rebounds, etc
  • Battles ships have over 64 frames of movement for ultimate realism
  • Extensive CD-based encyclopaedia accompanies the game
  • Up to 7 players in network game
  • Random map generation